Monday, November 8, 2010

Sookie aka Patches


Sookie found a home. I know several of you fell in love with her too, but distance and such made it difficult. I'm really happy with the people who are taking her because she is only moving next door. I feel so lucky that I will be able to continue watching her grow up.

The funny thing is, she is going to the people we thought of first, when she came into our world by surprise. Our neighbors lost a dear friend, a 13 year old yellow Lab named Blue back in August, and when Surprise Puppy popped out we immediately thought of them. But we didn't know if it would be too soon, etc. I introduced Sookie to them a week ago and they fell in love. One day last week they took her home for about 3 hours to see how she fit in with everyone (they have 3 sons) and a cat. When they brought her back, they let me know they wanted her and we set up a date for her to go. The youngest boy has renamed her Patches and I think they will all be fine, but if not, she'll only be right next door. :0)


A couple of weeks ago, Sookie went to the vet and got her first shots, I snapped this with the cell phone while she hid under the bench, lol.  Couldn't remember if I had shared it, if I had, oops!


She discovered the grandkids' nerf soccer ball - she loves it! Flips it and rolls it and bites it.


Adrianna watching her. Addy and the puppy get along pretty well. These were all snapped with the cell phone Sunday - yeah we still have nice weather - shocking!


Sookie kept zipping between Addy's legs and biting the bottom of her dress, lol.



She's so feisty and fun!


Playing with daddy.


She will be missed by us all, especially her mommy.


  1. Lovely she doesn´t need to move far from you. Pretty dog.

  2. She's so cute! I'm glad you get to watch her grow up. Your granddaughter is darling. She reminds me of our daughters youngest, they're about the same age.

  3. I am soooo glad that you found a good home for her...and best of all next door! I hope you continue to post pics of her here and there so we can watch her grow! :) She is just sooooooo adorable!

  4. I am so happy she has a home. If we were closer - I would have snapped her up! I love the name Patches and it sounds like they needed a new pet to love.

  5. she's adorable, glad she'll still be close

  6. oh I am pleased... I hope we get the occasional photo as she grows up... seeing as she's just next door :)

  7. Oh, such a cutie!! Glad you found a good and close home. Perfect therapy for your friends!

  8. Oh she's adorable (the dog and the grandbaby)

  9. Glad she's only going next door :) Maybe you'll be able to still post occasional pics of her growing up.

  10. So, happy Patch has a new home, even if it couldn't be mine right now. He is just too cute. Sure hope he stops back by for another photo shot.

  11. It looks like everything worked out very well, complete with unlimited visitation rights I'm guessing.

  12. Aww, happy to read she has found a home even though I know you'll miss her Lisa.

  13. It's so wonderful that she'll be nearby so you can still visit with her. Lucky little pup going to a home that needs her!

  14. Awww...I know it was hard, but I'm sure she will be loved on a ton in her new home, too!

  15. I'm so glad you'll still be able to see her grow up and that she found a good home.

    And don't tell, but I like Sookie better than Patches!