Tuesday, November 9, 2010

shark's teeth


I didn't understand why my husband and son were so eager to hunt for shark's teeth in the sand of a Florida beach when we vacationed there earlier this year, I carried my camera to the beach to snap photos.  But the boys took a lot longer in their search than I did and eventually I ditched my socks and waded in to seek too.  It was a lot more fun than I imagined, watching little triangles wash in in a wave and trying to snag them before the wave took them back out.  I found more than 200 all by myself, topping both boys! :0)~  Now when I look at them I remember laughter and fun with people I love.

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You might as well plan on seeing a lot more of these - now that I've finally gotten around to taking my camera to them I keep seeing more I want to snap.


This is a turkey platter with about 500 shark's teeth on it. We found all of these while in Florida way back in February.



  1. How fun! My girls love to visit tide pools with their dad. They could spend hours looking at the crabs and little fish there. They have loved it since they were babies. I suspect they would love this too. Now, you just have to figure out something unique to do with them.

  2. Aren't these interesting! I had thought they were really huge until I saw them in the context of the plate. It must have taken some real searching to find so many.

  3. That many?

    I have yet to find one.
    Not many sharks here I guess ;)

    We do collect sea glass though and I found in the week since I started already some real cool pieces )OK,...it's a beach nobody ever hunted at, me thinks,... :))

  4. I have yet to fine just one! Cool photos!

  5. A turkey platter filled with loving memories of laughter and family....can't think of a better way to fill a platter! :) Fun, fun, fun!

  6. Those photos would make great jigsaw puzzles! Just thinking about picking up SHARK'S TEETH would keep my feet out of the water!!!

  7. Amazing! I collect shark teeth, but I don't have this many!

  8. Wow!! That is both cool and disturbing.