Friday, November 12, 2010

eye see you


Enjoying a rare warm November day, I held the camera out, aimed at my eye and snapped.  These eyes have seen so much, and have so much left to see!

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I cheated, these were taken a couple of days ago when the day was warm and sun was our friend.  The first eye is mine, the second is my grandson's.  He actually sat still long enough to let me take a macro of his eye.  I love his beautiful brown eyes!  I have never seen circles in an iris before.  Interesting.  I did a little searching and the only thing I can find about these circles is on this website - it says these are nerve rings and basically means he's about to have a breakdown?  He's 3 years old - I think he's more apt to cause a breakdown, lol.


  1. What fascinating photos. The markings in both eyes are beautiful. You would probably never have noticed those rings in your grandson's eye without your camera!

  2. Very cool and unique perspective...I just love the reflections in both you and your grandson's eyes!

  3. the breakdown comment gave me a good chuckle!

    very beautiful eyes...both of you.

  4. Beautiful eyes! The reflections in both of them are wonderful!

  5. I love the reflection in your eye!