Friday, May 28, 2010

Rare and Magnificent


The pink ladyslipper (Cypripedium acaule) is one of Wisconsin’s wild orchids and I suppose it can be found in several places throughout the state. But there's only one place I've seen it. One place I go back to every year to see it again and it never disappoints. So today, I'm thankful for things I can count on, things that are rare, and things that may take a little effort to find but when found lift the spirits up.

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  1. This is a delight Lisa, I have some growing near me too, on the edge of the woods in my yard, and yes they are rare in my yard also. I don't remember them being so colorful though. The words are perfect for the picture, thanks for sharing both.

  2. I can't imagine finding a wild orchid anywhere. People tend to like to pick and dig up and resell rare plants. Seems like almost anything can be poached. Cool t know there are wild ones left and in WI no less. ;)