Thursday, May 6, 2010

My chaotic life


These aren't the best photos of a red squirrel but I'm not at my best at 6 am, lol. This loud mouth has been my alarm for the last few days and I'm afraid it's about to get worse - check out the next photo. . .


See her belly, yeah, I think she has wee ones, I guess I won't get to sleep past 6 for quite a while. Have I mentioned that I'm not a morning person? Although with her help I may get caught up sooner than expected, lol.


I'm almost done with our Florida photos. I just loved seeing all the bromeliads and air plants - and blooming too - in February.



Some blooms were even on their way out - in February!


While the palms were still full of leaves/fronds, you can see the other trees in the background and they are bare. You can see the path we walked here, left side of the palm, the little dead grass area - the path was so narrow, with water near it at times I was worried about gators leaping up and eating us.


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  1. Is it weird that squirrels always look sort of smart to me? Probably.

    Great pics--especially for 6 AM!!

  2. Hey, the fact that you took pictures at 6am impressed me! She is kinda cute!!

  3. I'd say for just getting your eyes open, you caught the perpetrator red-handed (see how I did that?) pretty well!

    The spectacular red-tailed hawk that swooped through my back yard a couple of hours ago could fix that red squirrel problem you got I think. Too bad s/he got away before I could get inside and back out with the camera. But I hear there's at least one that's been hanging around lately. So maybe I'll get lucky with him/her.

  4. These little dudes sure do get the volume up. You sure did catch some personality with these shots.

  5. Great photos!
    Good luck with your mama squirrel :)

  6. At 6am, it is still very dark here! cute squirrel.

  7. So cute! I love squirrels when they stay in the wood where they are supposed to be. We had a Mama nest in our barn this year and BOY do they make a MESS!

  8. Great shots! That squirrel was sure interested in you too!

  9. I'm not a morning person either ... but I've been forced to be one ever since my Little One came around.

  10. what does she do? chitter chatter at your window?

  11. I'm going to love to see pictures of the little ones!

  12. I'm so glad you didn't get eaten by gators!