Thursday, April 22, 2010

Swamps, Birthdays and Grandkids


I'm nearing the end of Florida photos, promise. :0) I loved spying alligators in so many places!


And bromeliads! Everywhere! A few were even in bloom.


Another gator.


There's probably a gator hiding in there somewhere, but I didn't venture closer to find out.


Bromeliads were hiding there too though.


Now, each time I share one of these close up gator photos you guys get nervous. I assure you that I was not in any danger. In fact, this photo was taken from the safety of the car. I have a 400mm lens I use a lot, so I could get close up photos of these dangerous creatures without being too close.


And it was here, with water on each side, birds above and below, gators to the left and bromeliads to the right, that we paused long enough to eat my birthday cupcakes. Thanx again Chris for being so thoughtful!


Would you want to celebrate anywhere else?

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Last Friday we celebrated another birthday - our youngest turned 18 and we had the family over for a cookout. Addy, Velcro baby, stuck close to mama.


But the precious lil man, my beloved Twister, stuck to me. As his parents gathered things up to take the kiddos home, Tristan looked at me and said, "I bein' good", I agreed that he was, so he followed with, "I 'tay here". You bet your boots he stayed, lol.


  1. What a great post!!! Happy belated birthday!! What a terrific place to celebrate...and NO, I wouldn't want to celebrate anywhere else...wish I was in Florida right this very minute!! Your grands are sooooo cute!!

  2. Love the alligator close up - good thing you have a 400mm lens!

  3. How could you resist that, right? :) I would have let him stay too!

    Love the reflections in the gator pictures! Awesome!

  4. Those are outstanding shots, but I am absolutely terrified of gators. So, I would have been freaking out - even in the car!

    Your grandkids are ADORABLE!

  5. Happy birthday to everyone!!

    Love the close-up alligator shot! Too cool!

  6. Gotta love all those alligators though. I don't blame you for taking hundreds and hundreds of pictures. :) What cuties too, bet it was a fun birthday party all the way around.

  7. Love those gator shots. But I'm glad you're using a long lens!

    And grandkids... I'm still getting used to that.

  8. So unique photo's today
    OMG a real gator :(
    Looks so scary ..... LOL
    and nice to see your grandchildren
    Beautiful kids :))

    Enjoy your weekend

  9. great photos af the gator and the nature around. Especially like the one with the flower :-) and I wish I could se that with my own eyes

  10. what a great day, I love the shot with your birthday cupcake, Happy Birthday :)

  11. I'm amazed you didn't have a shot of a gator leaping up to gobble up your cupcake!