Thursday, April 15, 2010

Our life is a circus


A few weeks ago we saw some coupons for a circus and decided it would be fun to take the grandkids. Since it was in the gym of a small town high school we knew it wouldn't be a big thing, but the babies are only 1 and 3 so we knew they would be thrilled with any of it. Mom & dad decided to tag along, and we let them, lol.


PaPaw and I held seats while the parents let the kiddos get their faces painted. One thing my grandkids is teaching me is to live in the moment more and I find myself leaving the big camera away while I play with them. Such is the case this day, we just took the little point and shoot like "normal" people, instead of photographers.


I had to get a closer peek though.


Wonder what Tristan is going to become?


He makes a GREAT tiger, doncha think?


Adrianna just got a cute little sparkly (pardon the boogies please). They had a really good time munching on popcorn and cotton candy while watching their performers.


Their daddy (our son-in-law) even got to be a part of the show.

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  1. Love the face painting, that is one awesome tiger!

  2. I love those little circus things!!! And I miss doing them!! No grandkids to take to them...

    What a cute little tiger!! And a cute lil princess face!!

    Even with your little point and shoot, you still take GREAT photos!!!

  3. facepainting is great and the ones who does it are so talented! My kids did that to when they were small (long time ago...) so this gave me a flashback .-)


  4. Nice "little pink skirt"!!!! Oh...and the face paintings are awesome!!!

  5. I love their little face paintings! Such cuties!!!

  6. The both look soooo cute with their faces painted. Even with a point and shoot, you have great photos! :)

  7. Awwww, adorable!! I mean your grandkids, LOL!

  8. They are so cute. Looks like thay had fun. It's nice to put the big camera down sometimes and the pics still turned out great!

  9. Love the tiger face! What a fun afternoon for you all.

  10. Awesome!!! Nice pics - but awesome face painting!!! The kids are adorable.

  11. Oh so fun! I love these pictures. Fantastic! : )

  12. Great photos!! The kiddies are beautiful all painted up, and the boogies add an extra cute effect!!!

  13. That is some SERIOUS facepainting! I'm so impressed that he was willing to sit that still for so long!

    The tutu shot is pretty funny. One I'm sure his kids will giggle about for years to come!

  14. Lovely painting! Looks like it was fun

  15. Sometimes those small, free circuses are the best! There is a group that comes through this area every year, and once Eler Beth got to be in a hula-hoop contest in the big ring. We still like going to their shows when they come through.

  16. they have to start with a face -- and those are two darn cute faces