Saturday, April 10, 2010

Just a Gray Cat


Several weeks ago we went to a geocaching event that was also a birthday party for one of Team Black Cat's members. His wife had this cake made up for his 50th birthday and even though he's now a gray cat he's still going strong. lol


I loved the cake and snapped a few photos with my little point and shoot but had forgotten all about them until now.


His wife also made this yummy chocolate candy kitties. :)

Hope you don't mind me breaking out of living critters to share some fun ones. If you haven't heard of geocaching, it's a sport using a gps to basically find tupperware containers, film cans, etc in the woods and parks and such. Kind of a treasure hunt where the prize is a smiley online. We've found well over 4000 caches in about 35 states (more or less).

A Little Girl Talk


  1. Hey, 50's not old unless you let it be. You go Tommy!

  2. What a cute cake! Love your photos Lisa!!

  3. I bet both the cake and chocolate are no longer with us, right? Too bad. I was hoping you'd save me some. :)

  4. What a cool cake and the chocolate kitties look yummie!

  5. Cute cake!
    I wonderful about the neon green for a moment but I'm guessing cat's eyes. :)

    Wow, you've found a lot of caches!

  6. I wanna these for birthday too! ;)