Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Birthday Party


My Precious Pumpkin had a birthday!


The puppy watched on.


Twister, Tristan, first grandchild of mine is now 2 years old! I’m still trying to figure out where the time has gone, it has went so fast!  (Sidenote: See that rolltop desk in the background?  I got that when I was 11, that was uh. . .um. . . -math gets harder the older you get- 31 years ago!  It lives with Britney now)

Tristan is here

I swear just yesterday I was watching him come into the world, all 8lbs of him! He has grown into those hands and feet. And now he’s a big brother!


Of course we celebrated with presents and you can probably guess what we got him. No? A camera of course! No, not a Canon 5D, just a little kid camera for starters but I can’t wait to take him on photo safaris.


And lots of cars! Oh how he loves cars!  And I'm more than happy to play with hot wheels again.


We managed to pull him away from his toys long enough for cake.


Even the cake sported a car, one with turning wheels and such that he is able to play with. Yay!


Uncle Haden lifted him up to blow out the candle but I guess he thought we were trying to burn his face off and he wanted no part of it. Daddy blew it out for him.


I bet you never knew the proper way to eat ice cream. But now you know, you pick the glob up with one hand and pinch pieces off with the other.


And the proper way to eat cake is, of course, to get a piece on the fork then pick it off with the other hand. Check out the face in the background. All in all I’d say he had a great birthday!


  1. Wonderful photos, Lisa.I love the last one, eating cake. Happy birthday, Tristan!

  2. Did he also get a bath for his birthday? What a mess in that last photo -- a cute mess. :) Looks like a great birthday party.

  3. Happy Birthday to your little grandboy. He's a cutie for sure!

  4. Such wonderful photos which capture memories you will carry with you forever & ever!!! These photos take me back to when my children were young...oh those were the days...a little bit more hectic & crazy...but those were the days:)

  5. Love it! Your grandchildren are so lucky to have a grandma who will capture their childhood in such style! Love the cake -- my son had one very very similar. And the cars... they are still all the rage at our house! Thank goodness they are still under $1.00! And I love the cake/ice cream photos. Oh ... this was just so wonderful. And I love that you gave him a camera -- get 'em while they are young!

  6. The pictures are WONDERFUL!!! I love the last one the best. You are younger than me and have grandchildren. My children are4 and 7.It makes me tired just to think about it!

  7. The birthdays!
    I love to watch them as they open presents, eat that cake and ice cream...
    Their needs are are small and they are so easily pleased at these ages.
    Ours are approaching that 10 year mark...when we ask what they want it is always something that makes you look over the top of glasses to reply " Hey that is one great idea, have you shared it with mom and dad! You truely deserve it, look how good you are!" Don't want to be the one to say that cost to much ya know...
    To myself I laugh....I will buy the bling bling to go with it!

  8. I thought everyone ate cake that way! How do you like your canon, i think that's the camera my husband wants us to get, and i think you take beautiful photos, so if that's what you've got, I'd love to know. thanks!

  9. What wonderful pictures of your totally adorable grandson. :)

  10. I love a birthday party, especially the cake. It's one of my weaknesses.........................:)

    I can hardly wait until you post some of his pictures taken with his new camera.

  11. Oh, I am laughing out loud, they are SO funny at that age -- I love his take on eating ice cream, too funny. :-) Looks like everyone had a great time, and I'm jealous of all the fun you will have taking him on photo safaris... someday I will have my first grandchild! He's a real cutey too, love all the blond hair, reminds me of my little Josh when he was 2....

  12. Check this out!
    You just may want to make one yourself.

  13. wonderful...many happy returns of the day...

  14. So sweet! Now the real fun begins!

  15. That looks like MY kinda party. I love finger foods...the gooier the better. (OK. I'm kidding. But I do like kids' birthday parties.)

  16. Oh happiest of birthday wishes to your beautiful grandson Lisa. He IS AMAZING! But we both know that!!

  17. What a great series!! I LOVE the last two!! Makes me wish I had grandchildren!

  18. Happy birthday to Twister! Two is one of my favorite ages, so much more fun than one.

  19. Lovely series, memories being made. My grandson has the CARS vehicles, he loves them. They were the decorations for the baby shower before he was born. The last photo is great!

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  20. Great pictures! Glad it was a Happy Day!

  21. Well he enjoyed his cake, that much is quite obvious!

  22. belated happy birthday to tristan... this is a beautiful series --- lovingly done and full of wonderful memories... and that cake looks delicious! (i have a weakness for cakes)... hope twister will take his first photos soon --- with grandma and grandpa, i think he will do great!