Saturday, March 14, 2009

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Nicole is hosting a Photo Scavenger Hunt and I decided to play. I hope you enjoy my findings! There are plenty of other players, just visit Nicole if you'd like to see more.

Btw, if you hover over the photo you will see what the goal was.

If you have a moment, run over to Nicole's and vote for your favorite hunter. ;0)

1) Local CurrencyI had these great ideas that never came to fruition, so I just snapped some of the change I found while cleaning this past week.
2) local flagBefore this challenge I did not even know that Portage County had our own flag.  We are considered the heart of Wisconsin because of our location in the state.
3) Local FoodI dare you to go anywhere in Wisconsin and not find cheese curds.  Cheese is a whole separate food group up here and battered and fried cheese curds are everywhere.
4) something rustyAs I scanned my brain for something rusty (aside from my brain) I thought of Rusty's Backwater Saloon.  It just so happens that the pole holding up the sign is also rusty.
5) Local WildlifeThis silly squirrel was the only form of wildlife currently willing to pose for a snap shot.
6) Local NatureThe most beautiful nature I could find this time of year required a drive up north to the shores of Lake Superior.  I'll be doing a post about this area later.
7) Local StampJust a pretty postage stamp.
8) part of your neighborhoodThis neighborhood park is just down the street from our house.  It's a favorite haunt of Tristan in nicer weather.
9) traditional houseWe have many farm houses up here.  And many duplexes, but they are fairly boring.
10) A Local PersonSeth is the most local person I know. :)  Born and raised in the Stevens Point area.
11) local weatherSnow on the pine needles is evidence of our weather.
12) Local TransportationA popular form of transportation this time year are snowmobiles.
13) Traditional Local ClothingThese geocachers are dressed appropriately for this time of year.
edge of nightThe water was such an unusual shade as the sun set that I couldn't resist shooting.  It looked more eerie in person, oh well.
15) SunriseMy husband said this would be the hardest one on the list for me to fulfill.  I am not a morning person.  I rarely see a sunrise and I pretty much like it that way.
camp angel653While I have 5 paper mills within 30 miles of my house I opted to share the famous Harley Davidson as my local non-food product.  Born and bred in Wisconsin! Vroom!
17) Something furryBuddy is fairly furry, just ask the black shirt I was wearing.
18) something featheryThe ducks offered to be my feathered friends for a few handfuls of corn.
19) a sign of the seasonWhat better sign of our season than a man snowblowing his driveway, while the snow plow comes along?
20) a part of meI struggled with which part of me to show, then decided to share the missing part of me. ;)  Down 27 lbs.
21) Your Main HobbyI have a number of hobbies, but making cards is the one I've been doing the most of lately.
22) a local shopGepetto's Toy Store is another favorite spot of Tristan's.  Located in downtown Stevens Point.

(In the window on the left you can see the butt of our silver Rav4)
23) a local restaurantWe long to taste the offers of the Silver Coach, but they are open very odd hours.  We've heard rumors that they are reservation only, maybe someday we'll find out.

(In the window in front of the truck you can again see the reflection of our Rav)
24) a street signHow many people can say they have True North in their town?
25) Local MailboxOur mailboxes are rather plain and, uh, boring. . .I'm guessing this person is tired of getting bills?  And they're challenging their mailman to deliver. ;0)


  1. This has been a fun challenge- I am so glad you posted about it or I would not have known!

  2. where i grew up, only about 3 houses in the town face north or are set north/south. the whole town is built catiwhompus! is that how you spell that? anyway, maybe it says something about the town?

  3. As you know, I love sharing all things local, and I just love this post. It definitely gives a feel for where you live. I'm working on this same savenger hunt, so you'll see how my neighborhood looks, too. Although, LA is a much larger neighorhood than yours........................:)

  4. These are great shots! I've been thinking about doing this since I saw your previous post about it. If there's still time after I get caught up from the move I think I'll give it a try.

  5. FUN! I wish I had known about it ahead of time. I am in a bit of a photo slump!

  6. I am working on it! Damn you are way to quick!!!

  7. Oh yes, I needed this like a hole in the head. *sigh* Guess I'll check it out and see what it's about.

  8. You did well on these!! I signed up for it as well, but I think I need to print it and take it with me, and really go for it one of these days!!

  9. This turns out to be so much fun.
    I love to see what everyone comes up with :D!
    And I love the way you set it up - cool idea!

    That Restaurant looks intriguing
    And I'm glad you learned something new about your county as well (fat grin :)!)

  10. I love the snow plow / snow blower one. And we have a restaurant that is like that one -- open at very random hours. Often closed on Saturdays and Sundays. Often closed for weeks in the summer for vacation. I'm almost obsessed with eating there because of this.

  11. It seems like a lot of work for one post. I would be spreading it out but then I am a little lazy that way. I was going to find a photo for my post today, and looked a bit and just got tired and posted.

  12. These are just so fun to look at!

  13. I've actually got this done, but there are a few I'm hoping to improve on before deadline. I caught a silly squirrel myself for the local wildlife entry. Not too much really wild wildlife in the inner burbs where I live. Traditional housing and traditional clothing have been the toughest so far. I mean, you look around this town and you'll find every kind of clothing and houses you can think of (outside of an igloo I mean). There just isn't anything identifiably "traditional" about either category. But I"ll get through it. I am a professional.

  14. my fave's are the sunrise, the cat and the duck photos... looking foward to your entry about lake superior in winter :)...

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  16. The Poll is up :)
    Send your people voting ;)

  17. Really fun shots! The mailbox one was really funny! Thanks... : )

  18. Oops...I did something wrong, so now have to re-comment! These were great fun to look at...and the mailbox is hysterical!!!

  19. Spectacular series Lisa. WOW. The 2 sunset shots are beautiful and the 27 lbs missing was surely well thought off. Congrats for that.

  20. Love the beautiful shots! It is so interesting to see how everyone interpreted the theme. I love the way you organized the shots. Unfortunately, I use blogger so no options to use to table. Love the Sunrise photo. I had to kinda cheat/use my creative license for that one:)

    Too funny about the mailbox.

    Thanks for participating. It was fun visiting!

  21. Hi Lisa
    Love the choice of pictures. My favorite is the old brick farmhouse. Congrats on the weight loss. I wish I could be so lucky!
    As for the previous post, The porcupine is adorable! I love his little face on the pic where he is snuggling up to his handler. Most people can't, or won't see the beauty in some wild animals. Heck, I even think opossums are cute, but that's just me! LOL
    Take care and have a great week.

  22. I am so with you about "had such great ideas" for some of these that I never got around to taking due to procrastination, lighting, weather, etc

    I think your results are great. The snow pics were quite different than what I am used to. Fried cheese curds????? Never heard of such but YUM!

  23. you should be very proud of that weight loss and thiose fun collages of interesting photos ssandy

  24. I came back for the finished project. I'm having the time of my life looking at everyone hard work (and feeling rather guilty that I just did a scavenger hunt through my files)

    I'm choosing favorites from each stop -- and your cat is it. I could just reach out and touch that little curious feline!

  25. Great shots...thanks for sharing~

  26. I really love your choice on the "Local Currency". Mine's similar, just not as involved. But the one that really blows me away is Venus rising over the lake. Magnificent! And I wish I could have found a mailbox as entertaining as the one you found. It's been fun seeing the different spins on these.

  27. I love the mailbox, but you outdid yourself with the night shot. I love it...................:)

  28. Great entry, Lisa. I love the sunrise! That was my most challenging too. I'm often going to bed just a few hours before the sun comes up! And your night shot is gorgeous. Love the colors. Thanks for the Wisconsin tour!

  29. Nice work :)

    LOL @ the missing part.

  30. Nice shots!
    nice to meet you!

    Greetings from Cairo, Egypt! :-)

  31. Love the glimpse around your neighbourhood.

    I keep getting stuff about Wisconsin Dells. Always think of you even though I have no idea how close you are to it.

  32. This challenge is fun isn't it? So nice to see how different people fill in the same subjects. I enjoyed your, bery nice pictures, as always!

  33. Love the rusty sign, I would have shot around 20 pics of it.

  34. Seems like you are finished, huh? It call came together so nicely! I love the change one, actually!

  35. Wow, awesome weight loss progress; I am so proud of you if not a little envious of your will power. Buddy is a cutie.