Monday, March 9, 2009

Spending the day with Tracey at Nine Acres

My dear friend, Lisa, asked for people to volunteer to guest post on her blog. In a moment of insanity, I thought, "I could do that!" and volunteered. Only, I wasn't sure what to post so that I didn't disappoint and totally screw up her blog and make all of her readers run screaming in the opposite direction and never come back. After a couple of emails back and forth, Lisa finally took pity on me and told me she would like me to post about the area in which I live. Or my favorite hobby. Or photography. Or something about me and my life.


Thanks for narrowing it down for me, Lisa!

So, I decided to tell a little about all of those things, at the risk of boring all of you! Please don't blame Lisa, and please don't abandon her for my lack of charisma. Really, it isn't her fault.

My name is Tracey and my blogger home is Nine Acres. It's called that because 4 years ago my husband, two kids, and I uprooted ourselves from our postage stamp sized yard and little house in suburbia to move to an extremely rural spot on the border of Maryland and Pennsylvania. We purchased a house that looks like Cracker Barrel, a tin roof barn, an antique Ford tractor, and nine acres of pasture and woods.

I was petrified. I grew up in the suburbs and that is all I knew. I thought for sure I would be isolated and alone in this place that was near nothing remotely considered convenient. No gas stations, no restaurants, no department stores, no pizza delivery...not even a post office to call our own. Our post office is in the next county over because our town is too small.

The first weeks in my new home I imagined bears, wolves, deer, and fox staring in my windows. I had never really seen the Milky Way because of light pollution. It was ink dark at night and the sound of critters scratching in the leaves and cornfields surrounded me. Night was terrifying! I wanted my street lamps back.

But four years, two horses, two rabbits, three cats, one dog, and four gerbils later, I can't imagine being anywhere else. The suburbs give me a panic attack now because it feels so crowded. I can't breathe with all of the cars, people, and stop lights. I love the few neighbors I have and don't remember life without them. I love the fresh air and the darkness. I love the stars and the harvest moon. I love that my kids can play and hide in the woods or look for crayfish in our stream. I just can't imagine raising them anywhere else.

We are surrounded by beauty. Nature trails, biking trails, historic homes, and wide open spaces give my kids the opportunity to grow and explore like children should.

I also have discovered the love of horses. These majestic and powerful creatures teach me every day the meaning of grace and beauty. And I don't mind watching my husband ride either. There is something about a man and his horse!

As my love for the country began to grow, so did my love of photography. I am happy to say that I now can combine my two passions in life, photography and teaching, into a career. I teach photography classes, both online and in person. It is so fulfilling to teach others the joy and artistry of photography.

My other love is blogging. I have developed such close friendships with so many women (like Lisa) around the country and the world who have the same interests, worries, joys, and turmoils that I have. What a joy it is connecting with like-minded people from around the globe. Thank you, Lisa for letting me spend the day here with you and your blogger friends. It was a pleasure and and honor to hang in your territory for the day.

Hope I didn't disappoint!

All my love,
~I can not be separated from that or you~


  1. To everyone reading this: Please be sure and click around at Tracey's home (Nine Acres) and check out her daily photo blog, her photo gallery (where you could buy her gorgeous work) or maybe even sign up for one of her photography classes.

    Thank you Tracey for being the guinea pig, and first guest poster! You did a magnificent job and it's great to have you here today!

  2. Tracey: I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post & looking at your photos. You chose a very interesting topic, for a city girl like me, to read. Well done:)

  3. This town makes my Floyd, VA look like a metropolis! :-)

  4. Great job Tracey!! You are either the last blog I read at night (if I am up at mid night when your posts pop up) or the first thing I read when I get up. I never could have imagined that I would nd up with such a great friend like you when I started blogging, but I did...and I am so glad it's you!!!

    Guest posting...hmmmm...something I will have t think about.

  5. Tracy, what a marvelous post and I sooo identified with you, since I just moved to rural Kansas last summer. I now dislike my trips to "town" (esp when it's Wichita, UGH!) to get the necessities and I look forward to my return to our homestead of 25 acres, 3 horses, 3 dogs and 3 cats! We have our own "pizza night" every Friday, and trust me, it's not delivered!! I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.... I'll be checking out your blog, sounds like we have some commonalities!
    ~ Susan

  6. Ooooooops, I misspelled your name, Tracey, sorry!!

  7. This is a great guest post. What incredible photographs. I loved learning about your home.

  8. Tracey,
    How wonderful your post was. It really was a moment of travel for me and I so enjoyed the photos.
    Thanks for posting.

  9. Your neighborhood is much different from mine, but I love where you live. In fact, I spend many years on the East Coast and have driven in border of Maryland and Pennsylvania many times.

    You've created a great life for your kids, and the photos speak volumes about how much you love it there.

    Thanks for sharing.....................:)

  10. I think you did a fabulous job at guest posting!! I loved hearing more about you and the photos you shared are fantastic! I'd love to love in a place just as you describe.

  11. It was a pleasure to read your story. I often visit my mom up in PA and drive on 15N because I like the scenic route. I think the Gettysburg area is really pretty. I often wonder if I could leave this city life behind...I think your post has given me a boost!
    And by the on the horse....ummm! :)

  12. I really enjoyed this post and I will be adding Tracey's blog to my links!

  13. What wonderful photo's and how lucky you are to be able to live your dream, I checked out your blogs, what great shots.


  14. I would LOVE to do what you did. My dream has always been the country. I only lived there briefly--just a few years before I got married. Your photos are terrific!

  15. Thanks everyone! You are too kind and I am looking forward to meeting everyone! I appreciate that Lisa gave me the opportunity to tell a little bit more about myself!

  16. I guess I'm not the only one that lives in Mayberry. Snort.
    LOVE the pictures and you did an awesome guest post. Loved it!

  17. This was wonderful (you didn't disappoint at all!) I would love to live where you are -- what a great place to grow up! And the house is beyond adorable! Loved this.

  18. Your photos and your story are wonderful. I am glad you guest posted! Gotta love Lisa!

  19. Wonderful post and pictures. And I agree -- there is something about a man and his horse. The horse is beautiful, and your husband quite handsome. I would love to live like this. You are so blessed.

  20. those are great shots, love the house in b&w

  21. Tracey, looks like a nice place to stay, totally opposite to where I'm in right now.

  22. we are looking at property this week cross yourfingers for us. we are ready to be in the country again!