Friday, January 23, 2009

No ducks today :)

Camera Critters


I have almost exhausted my supply of photos from warmer days and from the zoo. But we’re far enough into winter that it won’t be long until we have warmer days again. . . right? I just love geese!


This is a Lady Amherst Pheasant and believe it or not, when my children were very small I had a pair of these and a pair of Golden (which have the same features in just different colors – the white is yellow and the blue is green). I bred them and incubated the eggs, the little pheasants were so cute when they were hatching!


I almost overlooked this cat, she never moved, just sat there staring.


I think it would be neat to have one of these printed huge to use as a backdrop.


I think this fellow was hoping I’d feed him, but I just made him a star.


  1. What a magnificent fellow you are Mr. Cat!

  2. Were the pheasants friendly birds to keep?? I see them for sale in the chicken catalogs and I'm curious.

  3. I hate geese. I had a bad experience with a friend who lived on a farm. Her geese would chase me and nip my legs...I was terrified of them! I can handle large horses, like Clydesdales, but get me near a goose and I am a basket case! ;0)

  4. Your cat looks like one of our Florida Panthers. Magnificent animals!

    I think your lizard picture should be a poster. Love the look on his face.

  5. Love the big kitty:) Beautiful photos:)

  6. Mh, somehow those last three don't look like ducks to me ;)

    I love that first cat shot (well, I love all shots), but that one would be (like Sayre said about the lizard) a great poster.
    Love that stare!

  7. Your photos tell me all creatures are sentient beings.

  8. How serious these critters all look, esp the cat - so intense and sober. And yes, spring will come and you'll be take photos of green things again :-)

  9. I love the picture of the cat. He looks like he is posing for you on purpose.

  10. I bet the baby birds were very pretty! The mountain lion for a backdrop would be awesome and you could have kids pose as if it were hunting them! Your photos are beautiful.

  11. We have a flock of Canada Geese who live in the retention pond outside my office. There are some days that those birds are the only thing that keeps me from losing my mind. They're year round residents now though, which concerns me since I'm in NC. Still not as lovely as that pheasant.

  12. Wow, great series of photos. Love the mountain lion!

  13. Uh - love the Puma! And the Bearded Dragon! And the geese.
    Cheers, Klaus

  14. Oh my ... these are all WONDERFUL (as always). I love the goose stretched out in the first photo, but the pheasant, cat and iguana are marvelous too. I need to take my camera to a zoo soon!!!
    Hugs and blessings,