Thursday, January 22, 2009

Allergic to Travel


I think I’m allergic to travel. More often than not, when I travel I end up with a sinus infection. It starts out innocent enough, a night in a motel then the next morning I wake up with sniffles, then the sneezing, and my head feels like a huge balloon. It really taints the joys of the places we visit and leaves me just trying to get over it when we get home. I would love to find a way to prevent it.


I managed to take a few shots in Missouri during our whirlwind visit. Marissa and Cole did not end up coming – long drama story there. I’ve spent the last few days trying to recoup. But, tonight we’ll be going up north for the weekend, to photograph the activities at the Angel on my Shoulder's Camp Angel.


This shoe birdhouse hangs in a Magnolia tree in my parents’ yard. They have many birdhouses all over their acreage.


I picked this one up a few years ago for my dad. It’s the only one like it I’ve ever seen and it seemed appropriate for him since he used to have a camera store.

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  1. Airplanes, motels, changes in time zones, being on the run...all contributors. I used to always get sick when was a standing joke that my souvenirs were always from the drug store :-) Lately I do better...thank goodness.

  2. Love love love the last one! And the little tidbit about your dad owning a camera store explains a lot. Like how you got to be such an awesome photographer.

    My guess on the allergy thing? Actually I don't have a guess. Possibly the filtration -- or lack of it -- in the heat/ac units. Possibly the fact that the heat/ac unit is in the room itself making the air drier or something? Possibly some kind of allergy to the cleaning products they use? Especially if you usually stick to just a few lodging chains... they're franchised, but they all get their cleaning supplies from the same vendors. Changes in weather/climate/differences in air quality -- either better or worse than what you're used to. Erm... if you fly, that always plays hell with MY sinuses. Actually changes in elevation. All kinds of stuff.

    Love the ... seeds in the first shot too by the way.

  3. I like both of the birdhouses. But you know all photographers would love the camera birdhouse.

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  4. LOVE the bird houses - and absolutely beautiful pictures!! Amazing!

  5. That first photo is so cool!! My allergies have been KILLING ME!!! Stupid Texas, cold, hot, cold, ugh!!

  6. That birdhouse is really cute. I hope that your sinus infection goes away. I had one of those three weeks ago and it just wouldn't go away! Get some rest and take care.

  7. oh so now we know where the love for the camera came from! Gorgeous as usual Miss Lisa!
    Hope you feel better - and the air in hotels is stale - thus your sinus iritation!

  8. Great pictures and what fun birdhouses!

  9. Ah HA! Now I know where your love of photography came from! And your talent! As for the sinus problems....I had the same problems when we used to travel alot. Try Neosporin under your nose while you are in the hotel. There's a freakin' ton of dust and bad air floating around in there. You may also be allergic to the feather pillows. My luck....BAD! I'm allergic to the NEOSPORIN that the Dr. told me to use!! Gave me a huge rash all over my face!! On second thought....perhaps you should check with your own Dr. instead of taking my advice!! :)

  10. Love the shots, especially the camera birdhouse and the seeds!

    Did you ever check the things that are different to home?
    Bed sheets?

    For me it was the longest time the laundry detergents they used. I couldn't stand the towels and bed sheets. It got better since they got more "green".

    Hope you feel better soon!

  11. Feel better Lisa and I hope you have a good weekend. :)

  12. That camera bird house is so cute! Hope you get to feeling better and can enjoy your trip!

  13. Awww...I hate sinus infections. I don't seem to get 'em so much when I travel, but if anyone around me has a cold, I'm very likely to catch it, and there's a 99% chance that it will end up as s inus infection. And since I am surrounded by coworkers who insist on coming to work while chances are pretty good. Hope you feel better soon! And beautiful pics as always!

  14. That camera bird house is SO cool! I've never seen anything like that before. My Dad used to work for Kodak WAY back in the day. He would love that too! : )

    The photo of the bird that you took is just gorgeous. SO detailed.

    It's my first visit to your blog and I'm so glad I came by. And I hope you feel better soon!

  15. I love that last bird house and you have taken on your father. :)
    Get well soon!

  16. There is no place like HOME...heheh... hot coffee blankets popcorn...AAH...THE LIFE!!!

  17. Great birdhouse, does that camera work? God only knows what's floating around a hotel room.

  18. ooooh, as usual. pretty shots.
    A camera bird house?

  19. Ooooh that first shot is my fave, I have one similar (that was inspired from something I saw on Flickr) - that texture and pattern is SO GRAND!

    Stay warm this weekend Lisa!

  20. the first photo is so exciting to me!
    Love the birdie too!
    All are wonderful....

  21. Sorry travel makes you feel ill ... sometimes I have a similar response especially when traveling on airplanes, but other than taking Airborne beforehand, I have no practical suggestions. I always carry lotsa kleenex! Love the unusual feeders and the other two shots too.
    Hugs and blessings,

  22. Love those birdhouses, they're too cute. Do you have allergies? Just wondering as most hotels don't get much fresh air into the rooms so if something gets there it stays there. Hope you feel better.

  23. Loved the first picture. The rest were great too. I don't get sick I get paranoid that I will get sick. After having a transplant I am paranoid about being enclosed in the plane breathing air that people are coughing into. lol They do that in Wal-Mart too don't they?

  24. Hi I was seaching for someone else with the same problems i am having. I am a truck driver and every time I stay in a motel it takes me a whole day to recover. I feel congested and tired. My husband finally said every time we stay in a motel you get sick. We don't use all the same chains. It seems to happen whether it is a 200.00 motel or a a fifty dollar motel. I sure wish i could figure it out. I does seem to be better if i can get the windows open. Any one with ideas i sure would appreciate it.