Sunday, November 3, 2013


When learning I was going to be moving 1800+ miles away, in a compact Prius with my husband and two dogs and living out of motels for up to 30 days, I knew I better figure out a compact way to pack.

All of my clothes went in this purple suitcase - love that it has four wheels instead of just two!  First time I've had a suitcase that didn't fall flat on it's face everytime I let go.  Since I was going from a cool climate to a warm one I needed an array of clothes.  Husband has a matching suitcase and we washed clothes once a week so we could pack less.

The next bag was for the dogs.  Food, dishes, greenies, you know, the important stuff.  It has a piece on the back of it to put over your suitcase handle.

I was able to find a makeup bag that would fit over the handle too so that I could pull the one bag with everything on it.

Not shown is my crumpler carrying two cameras and my laptop backpack. Needless to say, it took more than one trip to get us into and out of motels so we tried to stay in a place more than one night when possible.


  1. I am impressed. My daughter and I had WAY more luggage than that and it was just for two weeks! She earned the title of "sherpa" before it was over!

  2. I LOVE the colors of your bags.