Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Chalmette Battlefield & National Cemetery


While in New Orleans we stopped by the Chalmette Battlefield & National Cemetery


Malus-Beauregard House was never used as a plantation, and was built in 1830, it serves as the museum and visitor's center.

The Battle of New Orleans in 1814–1815, the last battle of the War of 1812, forever ended any attempt by England to regain control of the American Colonies, lost during the American Revolution, the War of Independence. It was here that General Andrew Jackson, and local volunteers, including Jean Lafitte (the pirate) and his men, defended the city from the invading British. The British troops were under the command of General Pakenham, who died in the final battle, January 8, 1815. Today, one can walk the ramparts, the recreated defenses extending from the Rodriguez Canal at the Mississippi River to what was then the tree line of the cypress swamp, at the northern end of the battlefield. ~at New Orleans


Wonder who lives here?

Adjacent to the battlefield, is the United States Civil War Chalmette National Cemetery, honoring Civil War soldiers who died on both sides. Those buried there include members of the famous Buffalo Soldiers. The cemetery sits on a tract of land which is approximately where the British artillery was located during the Battle of New Orleans. Both of these sites are maintained by the National Park Service, and are open to the public.







  1. Ok now you got me singing "The Battle of New Orleans"(Johny Horten) and "Buffalo soldiers"(Bob Marley)... Thanks for the tour back in history! Great photos!

  2. the rows of cemetary stones are beautiful (if a cemetary can be considered beautiful). that mud tepee is home to crawfish (crawdads, mudbugs - whatever you want to call them...)

  3. These are awesome photos: history and nature.

    (This is gel, but I'm using my real name now. Please stop by my new blog.) If the link doesn't work, please email. Some folks have had trouble with the link.)

  4. Very impressive pictures Lisa!