Monday, July 6, 2009

Tidal Falls, Maine


When we first went out to Tidal Falls the water was calmly coming in. Have I mentioned how awesome the tides are Maine? The water washes in and out every twelve hours and I don’t just mean a foot or two - it goes way out, and comes way back in. I found it very interesting that the water was always moving!


We did an earthcache at this point - GCQ7YK for you geocachers out there, the cache page gives more information about the hows and whys and a link to the tidal charts.


I just find it amazing that so much life still manages with the inconsistencies in the water. This seaweed stuff (sorry have no clue what it is) just lays around on the rocks without water - I can only assume the bulbous tips help them survive while on land.


Then as the water comes in they become afloat with potential eating places for various critters.


My husband thinks he king of the hill - or rocks in this case. Silly man!


As far as we can remember, it was our first time seeing the Atlantic Ocean so we had to do a self-portrait.


The puddles left from low tide provide viewing of many small creatures.


Peace out dude!


We became shadow art momentarily.


I wanted to take a piece of driftwood home but the guys wouldn’t allow it.


When we stopped back by later in the day it was amusing to see the birds trying to stay on rocks while the tide was roughly going back out.


  1. Looks like a beautiful place but that there are tides is really amazing !

    If you are interested in Venice, I posted some pictures here at

  2. It's amazing what living creatures you can find when the tide's out!

  3. Nice pics...lovely place. I especially like the first one. So serene...

  4. Beautiful photos. What a great place to visit!

  5. Beautiful series Lisa. The first image is a lovely composition as well.

  6. Good morning Lisa~ I love your pictures but then I love the water/ ocean. That self portrait is probably my favorite. You guys look so happy together. That driftwood is a mass tangle. The rock looks to have some interesting fossils on it and engravings. Hope all is well. Have a great day.

  7. I would have loved the driftwood also, so cool. Great shots.

  8. Beautiful shots Lisa! I would have loved to see you try to take that driftwood home :-)

  9. I've always found tidal movements fascinating. I mean that's a lot of water to displace. And the major movements you were seeing may have had something to do with when you were there. The gravitational pull of the moon has a major impact on tides and how high or low they get.

    I really love the first shot especially. It has a really great sense of perspective that only the ocean can provide.

  10. The first and last photo are such a difference in the movement of the water, very cool. I love the driftwood, I would have tried to take some too. :)

  11. I like the Atlantic Ocean/self portrait.

  12. I haven't seen the Atlantic ocean yet. One day maybe I will get there. I see the Pacific ocean regularly though. The sea life it definitely interesting.

  13. So beautiful! 11 days and counting for our trip!

  14. Looks as if you had a wonderful time.
    I love the ocean and the beach!

  15. Watching that tide would be fascinating. We have a gentle rise and fall for our tides so to see it come in like that would be great.

  16. Hi Lisa,
    Love the driftwood shot - what a tangle of branches!

  17. As always, beautiful images, Lisa! I really like that SMALL piece of driftwood, too!

  18. You know ... I just want to tell you that I admire you and I really think you know how to live life. Your blog just shows me that all the time.

  19. The ocean may be my favorite thing, and the Atlantic is my favorite of the ones I've visited. Just fantastic photos; I know it was a perfect day. The tide is so intriguing.