Friday, July 3, 2009

Rambling Chaos


In trying to share my vacation (which I love doing btw), I am falling behind on some current stuff, so please accept a hodge podge. Dennis and I went to the Dells Comedy Club and had a great time! The hypnotists were hilarious - they are the couple from the Jerry Springer show. Even though we were right up front we did not volunteer to be hypnotized, but we sure laughed our butts off! We used to go to comedy clubs from time to time, but it had been probably 7 years since we’d been!  It's a goal to go more often - everyone needs to laugh.


We bought tickets for Gallagher! We’ll be right up front and they tell us he wants people to bring their cameras! Yippee! We saw him in Joplin 7-8 years ago, but we weren’t that close. However, he signed a shirt for us and was very nice! Can’t wait for the show!  Hope I don't get watermelon in the camera.  Hmmm, how do you watermelon-proof a camera anyway?


While we were in the Dells we stopped by the outlet mall and I found a new swimsuit at Eddie Bauer. They had all the swimsuits on sale for $9.99 each - I got a tankini - black bottoms and pink top with black trim/straps. I stayed away from the Coach store this time. Lol


But I discovered the Croc store! Had no idea there was a Croc outlet store!! I’m so excited! I got the shoes above for $9.99! And Dennis got some sports themed crocs (normally $39.99) for $14.95! I will definitely be going back there!


Why did they have to discontinue my favorite smell? I still have half a bottle of perfume but the lotion is nearly gone. I will miss it! I have been using this tube stingily for, oh, 8 years. I love to mix a little with a little water and scrunch it in my hair - makes the smell stay all day. *sigh*


Over vacation I caved into the smooshing penny craze. My son kinda pushed me over the edge, he likes to turn the crank but doesn’t want the penny and I’ve always avoided them. But I thought, what the heck. So we smooshed pennies - then in Philly we bought the little book to put them in so I don’t lose them. Before we bought the book I was not sure what I’d do with them.


Lavender bath salts ~ my husband spoils me! Smells divine!  I didn't use the stuff for a week while we debated about how much to use.  The instructions never said how much to add to your bath water, but the container was huge so I figured it was enough for at least four baths.  Dennis thought I should through it all in at once.  Since we couldn't decide I just didn't use it - finally, I used half in two baths.  How much do you use?  And do you take the little netting thing off your sea sponge?  I've always taken them off but Dennis says the net stays on. . .we're going to be such confusing old folks aren't we.


Doesn’t my husband make a lovely Hannah Montana? We were caching and the wig was in the cache so it was photo time. Yeah, it was night and I did not take the big camera, photo isn't that good - but it's still funny, no?


My daughter is married to a Nick Smith - I say, “a” because I imagine there are a lot of them. Well one day I noticed my daughter had a new friend on facebook, said friend had no photo, but was named “Nick Smith” and I assumed her husband had signed up. So I friended him and after he approved me (If you’re not on facebook you may be lost at this point, but I think you’ll still see the humor), I discovered that he lived in Canada - uh, wrong Nick Smith.

I thought it odd that my daughter knew two Nick Smith’s, but oh well. About a month went by before I remembered to share the story with her. And when I did she started laughing and said she didn’t know him either! Nick told her he had signed up and when she searched she thought it was him. Once she was approved as this Nick’s friend she noticed the birthday was wrong! So, there’s a Nick Smith in Canada who may be starting to think he’s all that.


I have been trying to get more photos added to my gallery. And I’ll be adding more each week, so pop over when you have a chance. The link stays in my footer, way down there, and on my about me page.

Thanks for staying through all my rambles! Hope you’re having a great weekend!  Be safe with those fireworks!


  1. I dont know how u did it but the post seems so upbeat n humorous. It is not jus the hubby pic but. I am still grinning thinking of yr hubby pic :) hahahah

  2. Looks like you hit the jackpot with all that stuff at the outlet mall!

  3. Have to say that Dennis' picture was really cool. Love the story of you and your daughter friending the same guy thinking he was someone else. But, it's the smashed pennies I want to comment on. I've been collecting these pennies also. I have 22 crushed pennies (23 if you count the one that came with the book holder) and 3 quarters. I've been collecting them since 1997. Each time we go somewhere that has a machine I get them as souvenirs. Thanks for sharing. Have a great night.

  4. Great shots Lisa! One weird thing that really caught my attention along the way - just where do you get a book for smashed pennies?! We have a bunch (have no idea where they are but we have em, LOL) A book for them would be nice - when I find them that is.

  5. Tell Dennis I love him as a blonde. The Nick Smith story is a good one. I have a cousin Bob Davis, and on the other side of the family I have an uncle Bob Davis. They don't even know each other!

  6. Great Post! Happy 4th to you and yours Lisa!

  7. Random Thoughts:
    Lisa found a Croc outlet? Talk about a stimulus package!
    Hmm... if you lit those bath salts with a blacklight you could have purple Kryptonite!
    Cool photos all the way around Lisa. But that's the only kind you take isnt' it?

  8. I just found out that there is a Crocs outlet in our basic area too ... we'll be planning a field trip for sure!!!
    And love the wig!
    And I think you do need a book for those pennies ... I never know what to do with them!
    Enjoyed the rambling!

  9. I'm surprised at Nick Smith.

    I always hesitate before friending a name I don't know

  10. Poor old Nick Smith. Your anecdote may explain a lot of what does on at Facebook. I used to get the oddest requests. Then I realized they must be requests for other people. Poor me!

    Lovely photos. I always enjoy your blog.

  11. Funny Nick Smith story. I have searched for people with common names and given up after the 5th page. I didn't know they had to penny scrunch booklets; great idea. About needing a laugh, we are fortunate to have a lot of very funny neighbours and some other funny friends so I am finding now at my age, I am laughing more and more often then I did in about 20 years. Laughing is so good for a person and it feels good too.

  12. I LOVE rambling posts, but I'm prone to ramble in my responses, so I apologize for that!

    1) SURELY he won't smash a watermelon in the front rows if he wants you to bring cameras! I can hardly wait to see what you bring back from that!

    2) Love the swimsuit. Perfect pink color.

    3) Apparently either Branson or Lake of the Ozarks has a Crocs outlet because some friends from SGF sent my girls a PILE at the beginning of summer. Who knew?

    4) Lavender Bath Salts. What kind of cap does it have? If the cap is large, usually one or two caps is what you use. I hoard bath stuff (idiot in me), so I'll use a lot in the beginning, but hang onto the last use F. O. R. E. V. E. R!! My best advice, however, is to use enough that you can REALLY enjoy the scent!

    5) CUUUUUTE bunny!