Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pirate's Cove in Bar Harbor

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek


Why the heck is Dennis smiling? Shouldn’t he be pouting like me?


One evening in Maine we decided to stop by a mini-golf course. This was our first time playing since we moved from Missouri (7+years).


We had so much fun that it makes wonder why we’ve waited so long to do it again!


There were lots of laughs! Dang this point and shoot does not respond as well as the big gun!


See what I mean?! About the time I clicked I also tried to jump out of the way, hence the fuzzy shot.


We all got in the same little area. Can you believe I made 3 hole-in-ones?! I’ve never made a hole-in-one yet I did it 3 times!! Maine must be good for me!


It was such a pretty little course that we played a second round. Btw, Haden only ended up in the water twice.


We’re a patriotic group.


I liked the hole in the pirate boat, such a neat setting - but not an easy hole - see Dennis’s ball there near Haden’s foot? They had a tendency to roll back to you! Ugh! But we made it through!



Sorry, the little p&s doesn’t like low lighting, the fuzz really isn’t Haden’s fault. As we were leaving we paused for the obligatory photo next to the pirates.


  1. Putt Putt Golf... my favorite. The course looks really nice from the pictures you've taken. We have a small course here in Maysville. We'll play every now and then. I used to beat MyKiah all the time now I'm lucky to break even. You and Dennis look so cute in that first picture. Good night~

  2. I love putter golf, but can never find anyone to play it with me :-(

  3. Looks like a great time. I always love to play minature golf.

  4. It is beautiful there. I have enjoyed mini golf when I have done it to, but not something that pops into my head when someone says lets do something.

  5. That looks like fun and the course is really neat. I love the waterfall!
    You look like you're losing weight too. Are you on a serious diet or just watching what you eat?

  6. Woah! That tilted green is making me dizzy! But I can just imagine you lying on the ground taking these shots...

  7. I've never tried golf before, it's too expansive here.

  8. What a fun time! 3 holes in one? Wow, that's pretty incredible! Good job!

    Great pics - thanks for sharing!

  9. Looks like you had so much fun!!! I am so bad at miniature's fun, but I am just a total spaz at trying to get that little ball into the hole!

  10. Lisa? What did you doo...? Looks like quite the little excursion you had there.

  11. That looks pretty fun! And 3 holes-in-one! Wow, you're like a putt putt pro!!

  12. looks like fun...putt putt always is. i get too competitive and then get mad...but it's all good int he end. good pics and family fun=great memories!

  13. Looks like an awesome day!
    So much fun :D

  14. That looks like so much fun. We were going to do it when the kids were here but never got around to it. darn.

  15. Looks like a lot of fun Lisa! You know what I love the most? The fact that you will get down on the ground during miniature golf to get that different angle! I am learning to ignore the funny looks l get when I lay down or get in a odd angle to capture an image from an interesting angle. :)

  16. :0) Fun! We are leaving tonight...decided to drive straight through and be there by lunch instead of driving all day tomorrow!

    Catch up with you when I return!


  17. Great shots! We have a Pirate's Cove not to far from here that my boys have been driving me crazy to go to - hopefully soon! :-)

  18. I love mini golf! We're going to Myrtle Beach SC in August and it is supposed to be the mini golf capital of the world ... so I hope to see some creative courses! And I love the angles you used ... we'll have to remember those for our photos.

  19. I totally want to play miniature golf now. It's hot out (a rariety in Seattle) and I want to go right NOW! Bar Harbor ME is lilacs, lilacs, lilacs to me, as I was only there in May one year.

  20. That really looked like fun. Of course, I live in the golf course capital of the world and have never touched a golf ball. Oh, the iron-y.