Saturday, July 25, 2009

A few of Life's Delights

Update on Dennis: First thank you all for your encouraging words and prayers!  He will be seeing a cardiologist on Wednesday, and I'm assuming more tests will be scheduled.

What we know thus far - Stress test with scans showed - Left Ventricle is dilated and holter monitor showed supraventricular tachycardia (SVT) - basically the top portion of his heart is beating more rapidly than the lower portion - never even knew that was possible!

What we don't know yet is why.  That is why he has now been referred to the cardiologist.   Will let you know when we know.



You never know where life will take you. But I kinda like discovering unexpected delights along my journey.


Although, I prefer it if the creepy crawlies stay out of my hair. Bugs, possibly getting tangled in my hair is a huge fear for me. They get trapped there and keep wiggling because the hair tightens around them and I go crazy trying to remove them! But, when they stay in their own place - they are rather beautiful!


I’m constantly amazed at all the different weather vanes there are! I wouldn’t mind having a camera one. . . Hmmm, wonder if that exists?! This kitty is in a place of love.


A very well kept pet cemetery sits near High Cliff State Park - good luck finding it though, it took us 3 different searches before we finally made it.


  1. such a lovely post, love the cat statue looks like he would fall. happy weekend.

  2. wow what a lovely forrest run pet cemetery.

  3. I love that kitty windvane. I wouldn't mind having one of those on my home. I've only ever seen ships and fish!

  4. Well sure you can get a camera weather vane -- you just have to pay through the nose for a custom one! :)

  5. Lisa,
    Continued thoughts and prayers for you and Dennis this coming week.

  6. Nice collection of different images here...I wouldn't want those crawling things in my hair either! Hope all goes well with the doctor:)

  7. Wishing Dennis good health and loving your photos. I found your blog through the comments over on Oz Girl's blog....

  8. These are neat photos. Especially the nest of bag worms.
    Pick a Peck of Pixels

  9. Hope everything will be alright.
    The photos are fantastic!

  10. Glad you're making progress on Dennis's mystery. You may be saying, "I wish I'd gone to medical school", soon. I know I say that all the time; just so I'll know what they're talking about.

  11. Awesome shots!! Beautiful work:)

  12. I love weathervanes.Not too popular in my part of the Southwest, however. I looked online quickly and couldn't find any cameras, but found so many other interesting things that I think anyone could find something they liked.

    I didn't know that about hearts, either. But my guess is that when they figure out what causes it and how to fix it, he'll feel so good he will realize he didn't know how long he hasn't felt great.

  13. the bugs make an amazing pattern there!!
    lovely series of photos

    my best wishes for good news at the cardiologist

  14. If I ever see a camera weather vane, I'll let you know! I'll keep Dennis in my thoughts. The waiting is always the tough part.

  15. My prayers are with you and Dennis as you figure out what is going on.
    Your pictures show bits of the lovely mystery of nature and weather vanes I also adore.


  16. I hope you get that "why" answered. Soon. And I hope Dennis is well.

    Thanks for these great shots.

  17. What awesome shots this week! I feel the same way about bugs! I had always hated them, all of them until I discovered the magic of the camera - of course I'm still whining about not having a macro lens, but I still catch a few decent ones here and there.
    I'm still keeping Dennis (and you too!) in my closest thoughts and prayers. Please let us know how things go with the cardiologist as soon as possible!

  18. I, too, will keep Dennis in my thoughts and prayers. These are amazing the kitty weather vane!!

  19. I hope Dennis is better soon girl. That's got to be some scary stuff. Seriously.

  20. I am praying for you and Dennis.
    Beautiful pictures as always.
    Those creepy-crawlies are so euwwwww...but the photo really puts them in their best light!
    Enjoy the day!

  21. Hi Lisa, My goodness I sure will keep Dennis and you in my prayers for a good outcome at the Cardiologist. Life can hit some bumps..and ruts..hang in there!
    Your photos are wonderful..:)

  22. My thoughts are with you.

    Beautiful photographs as always, and yes, a camera weather vane would be cool!

  23. Sorry..the caterpillar things are just too gross. Keeping my fingers crossed for Wednesday!