Monday, June 29, 2009

June's Photo Scavenger Hunt

I must be a glutton for punishment - I’m doing Kristi’s Photo Scavenger Hunt once again. Are you ready to be overloaded on photos? Okay-dokey, here we go:

view from above
1. A view from above (looking down)
I love rollercoasters! But, have you ever tried to photograph your ride? Let’s just say I had to ride a few times to get a decent shot.

a macro shot
2. A macro shot
A trinket I forgot about for a few years, but finally sent off to my mom.

3. Laughter
A child’s laughter is precious!

4. Relaxation
The best place to relax is on daddy’s shoulder.

a celebration
5. A celebration
I bet you know what kind of celebration we were at.

a sunset
6. A sunset
Last Thursday, Dennis and I went to a get together on a boat up in Green Bay. After our cruise, on our walk to the car, we paused so I could snap this pretty sky.

7. Sun/lens flare
The soldier moved at the same moment I clicked and the sun bounced back at me off one of his medals.

a bridge
8. A bridge
Just one bridge?

a shadow
9. A shadow
Me, waving at you!

a garden
10. A garden
Unfortunately, not my garden. But pretty nonetheless.

a park
11. A Park
Some of you followed my facebook status last week when Dennis left me in the woods and I hoped he didn’t forget where. This is the park we were in, although we left the trail. Dennis did come back for me and helped me climb up the steep slope, he’s considerate like that.  Then I took the easy path back out of the woods, while he went back down the slope to grab the car.  Some guys saw us go into the woods together, and Dennis said they sure were watching him come out alone, and they kept looking back toward the woods.  I bet they now have a story to tell.  They never saw him pick me up on top, lol.

a street scene
12. A street scene
Well, this is as close as I could get. At the annual Golf Spectacular, with over 200 golfers,  it’s such a chaotic mess as everyone races to their tees.  Here a few of them are, waiting to be released.

13. Signage
Had never seen one of these signs before.  And, uh, I think spring is over.

summer activity
14. A summer activity
We didn’t get our canoe out at all last summer, but I’m happy to say we’ve had it out twice so far this year.

a summer treat
15. A summer treat
YUMMY! Need I say more?

16. Earth
How about half? This is a satellite/clock, representing our geocaching craziness.

air wind
17. Air/wind
I think you can see how windy it was by how the flags were whipping about.

18. Fire
I waited for the last minute to get this shot. So here I was grabbing a mirror, candle and the camera (no tripod - I’m stubborn like that) at 8pm last night and shooting my last photo. Oh well, I kinda like it.

19. Water
Raindrops are falling on my head.

something vintage
20. Something Vintage
A Grotto that we recently discovered.

21. Something made of glass
Sea glass (mermaid’s tears, beach glass, lucky tears) found on our travels. While it isn’t technically made into anything yet, it will be made into jewelry or used on cards. And it used to be bottles and other items.

something made of wood
22. Something made of wood
Anyone know what this instrument is?

something that floats
23. Something that floats
I’m sure Mary hopes the kayak continues to float. I know she was pretty nervous about her first trip out.

something railroad related
24. Something railroad related
Kayla and I got left behind. Dennis crossed the bridge with her parents for some photos. Kayla and I waited, somewhat patiently.

something round
25. Something Round
Can‘t think of what this is called - my brain is tired - so, huge dandelion puffball.

And now, it's well after midnight and I think it's time for sleep.  See you all tomorrow.  Did you have a favorite?


  1. Hi. Wow this is really fantastic. Everything is in it.
    Beautiful post.Thanks for sharing.

  2. Beautiful photos...and I really appreciate the time it must have taken you to prepare this for us.
    Thank you:)

  3. They are all fantastic, but I love the picture of the soldier!

  4. I agree with Mama Zen. They're all spectacular as usual, but the lens flare off the brass is unique as well. Just awesome!

    The candle on the mirror was pretty special too -- but does it surprise anybody that I'd like a shot involving a candle? No, I didn't think so. I like the sunset shot a lot as well. (In fact I got several similar shots myself just last night.) Oh, and who does macros better than you do? Nobody that's who.

    I didn't play this time around... something had to give and unfortunately, this was it.

  5. I'm feeling queasy just looking at the roller coaster. I wish they didn't make me sick.

  6. Great job! I always have good intentions for this meme, but never get to it! I love the sunflare one. I am not sure what the instrument is called, but it mimics the sound of a croaking frog. We saw them at the fairy festival last year!

  7. They're all favourites, you so deserve to win this! Okay okay, if you insist, I love the strawberries best! But that rollercoaster will probably have been the hardest one to get, right? Can't see me do this a couple of times just to get a good one, LOL!!

  8. The photo of the soldier gave me goose-bumps!

    Great pics!

  9. What a great photo display. I love the summer activity the best. Oh, just floating along on a boat; that's bliss.

  10. beautiful photos! Hard to pick a favorite!

  11. What an awesome group of photos! I'm so torn between the lens flare, the summer treat & the glass--I can't pick a favorite!

  12. Fascinating scavenger hunt! My favorites are the sun flare on the soldier's metal, the golf carts street scene and the colorful sea glass.

  13. Woo hoo, what great answers to this fun challenge. Love all of them, Lisa

  14. Whoa! I can pick a favourite, I love all of them. Great shots!!

  15. I did not have a favorite, you are so talented and it's a treat to view any of your pictures. I did like the railroad, the strawberries and the (ha) sign. I think my favorite if I were to pick one--would be the golf cart race. How funny is that?

    well done

  16. What a fabulous esries of photos! You really are such a talented person. I hate saying the same things all the time, but really, you are so gooood! Open up a gallery, that would be cool!

  17. Great photos! I love the sunset and sun/lens flare the best.

  18. the sun on the medal is a wonderful shot

  19. What a delightful post/ meme. I might have to try this one out sometime. I love taking pictures with my camera that I officially own now. I love all your pictures but the soldier is my favorite. I think that bit of sun glint adds to the persona of the picture. Have a great day.

  20. Ohhhhhhh! I LOVE ALL of your photos!!! I know I've told you this time and time again, but you are so very talented! Fantastic photos! Wish we lived closer so you could take pics of our Little One!! xo

  21. Awesome job on the photo hunt. I didn't even look at the list until last week and as hard as I tried I just couldn't pull it off!

  22. the sun/lens flare is my favorite, but i also love the strawberries and something that floats pictures. and i think you deserve an award for that roller coaster shot :)

  23. You captured it all greatly. All the pictures are awesome.

    I also joined the hunt and my results can be seen HERE. If you have the time, please visit as well. Thanks!

  24. What a nice job you did! My favorites -- signage (that was great!), something railroad, garden (precious -- a framer), and sun flare (took my breath away!!).

  25. All great shots, but I really like the candle shot best! And laughing about your hiking story, that is too funny. :)

  26. I love them all...

    you are so talented Lisa.

  27. How awesome! I've always wanted to play along on these scavenger hunts but just have never found the time :-(
    I guess soon I'm going to have to finally give in and get a facebook so I can find out when you're lost in the woods!

  28. WOW....incredible incredible work! I could totally not pick a favorite, although a few that I especially liked were: 1, 13, 14, 15, 18, 23, 24, and 25....see what I mean? But they were all great shots!

  29. Your soldier/flag photo is remarkable! Love all of them, great work!

  30. nice job on the soldier! great timing Lisa

  31. You've done a fantastic job here Lisa, I just can't decide which photo I love best since all of them are done beautifully!
    Picture no .22, I have that wodden frog , bought in Thailand. It's used to make different sound of frog. That's all I know.

  32. That was a wonderful treat.

    That first shot made my stomach jump. An Imax moment for me. I admire your courage!

    So much beauty to start my day, and I'm still in bed!

  33. your lens flare is absolutely frame worthy, gallery worthy, unbelievable! sent chills through my body! I also loved your railroad related shot... aw heck, they're all great!

  34. Such high standads in photography. I love no 6, 7 and 10 the most

  35. My favorites are 7) lens flare; 15) a summer treat; 16) earth. What a mammoth undertaking! You deserve a medal (for most fun on a blog).

  36. Wow! You are so wonderful. All these shots are great, but the mirror and candle idea? Inspired!

  37. all so gorgeous - but you wouldn't catch me on a roller coaster - EVER!!!!! I am petrified of those things - and I totally pass out - getting vertigo!

  38. Great pics Lisa. As far as #22 goes I dont know what it is called...but we have one too!

  39. These are all so good! I love these! How brave of you to do the coaster .... with your camera!!

    And I think the soldier one is super cool! What a lucky break! ; )

  40. I really like your sun flare... turned out great! I also love your summer treat. Yummy!!

  41. AMAZING!! Your photos are fantastic! Several of these are my favorites, especially the sunflare and the summer treats!

  42. Lovely photos, all of them! My two favorites are the soldier and the dandelion puffball. :) Great job!

  43. What an awesome collection,Lisa!
    The sunset and the sunflare are my Favs though.

  44. So many beautiful photos. Signage makes me laugh. :) Sunset and sunflare are awesome!