Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Red Wing Shoes. . .for giants?


I have been to Red Wing, Minnesota many times but only this trip did I notice the shoes.


They are spread throughout town, outside different stores.


I imagine they chose shoes, over cows (New Glarus, Wisconsin) and lions (Appleton, Wisconsin) because they are home to Red Wing Shoes.


Although, I don’t understand why they didn’t choose crocks, since they are also home to Red Wing Pottery.


Maybe the crocks would catch the rain and snow.


Bet, you can’t tell which ones were my favorites.


I’m sure there are more yet to be discovered.



  1. As someone who wears a size 13 shoe, I love these big shoes.

    BTW, the graffiti shoes fit the LA look......................:)

  2. Bob Lanier would be very comfortable there! He might walk off with a pair of LifeSavers, though!

  3. A lot of people had FUN painting those babies!! Love them:)

  4. i once went to a fundraiser where artists had painted umbrellas and were selling them. to hang in your home, open.
    they were fabulous. these boots are equally fabulous.

  5. Oh I LOVE the shoes!!
    We have mermaids in Norfolk, VA that are spread out all over the place...but I think the shoe is much better!!

    Gorgeous pictures!

  6. You must be living in the land of the large...seems you have been posting a lot of large quirky things lately...or am I imagining this?

  7. Fun, fun, fun! Why did they choose shoes ovr crocks? Hmmm. (Maybe the shoe company was willing to fund it with more cash than the pottery company?

  8. Colorful and interesting. They could have planted things in the crocks. But I guess a large portion of the year they would be empty, eh?

  9. Around here it's wolves. Presumably a nod to the NC State University Wolfpack. I saw one of them last weekend, but couldn't get a shot off. That's okay, I know where it is now... and I'll be back!

  10. I love thge towns who add art into their landscape. Everyonce in a while we pass through one. These are great shots of the shoes...
    Go Wings! ( Are they related? Don't know, I hear alot about Redwind Hockey around here ...laughing )
    Thanks for sharing..

  11. So much fun! I love the roller skates. We don't have anything like that around here!

  12. What a collection :D!
    I love them all.
    How cool is that?!

  13. Oh how NEAT, talk about a subject BEGGING to be photographed!! VERY cool.

  14. I agree with MamaGeek!! What fab photos! My faves are the lifesavers ones. We have horses around our town here. My favorite "art around town" has to be in Toronto....they actually have CARS with gardens planted in them! VERY why oh why didn't I take photos of those babies??? Guess we'll have to go back!

  15. How very neat!!! They really do some cool designs on them and I love the roller skate!

  16. What great photos Did you throw they car in the air to get that effect?

    I was also wondering if you would like to take part in my new weekly post called Tell a joke Tuesday, it has mr linky so the world can read your jokes or funny story of the week. I hope you will join in and help make the world laugh

  17. Oh I love this type of things that cities do! They are so fun! My parents live in MT and their city had decorated bison! This wold be a great coffee table book of all the different things like this from around the country!

  18. I'd say the Lifesaver rollerskates. If I had a pair like that I'd never take them off.

  19. We have had Bison in Edmonton. I don't know if there still around though.