Saturday, February 14, 2009

Haden Alexander Forrest


Haden is the youngest of my four children and the only one left still at home. He’ll be 17 in April. And, according to him, our life at home is similar to a Family Guy episode. Not one day goes by without him saying, “That reminds me of a Family Guy episode. . .” This was surely my goal in life, no?

guitar hero woes
(taken with cell phone)

He’s our Guitar Heroes Expert Guitarist and bandleader, I know Dennis and I bring his band down. But he trudges on with us anyway. (We did finally get this song, it just drove him crazy that we got so close our first time playing, and he demanded a photo be taken of the tv.)

This is Spring?

He loves being outside no matter what the weather.

almost there

He’s the brave one in our crew. Willing to climb tall trees, all the way to the tippy top, or wiggle down a fallen one from a cliff to the beach below (done for a geocache).


He does many things that we don’t understand.

little green bug

And when I stick a camera in his hands, the photos that come back are of bugs and spiders.

Black Widow

He found this Black Widow for me to photograph and held a twig for it to pose from.


And this nighttime web weaver.


And this scary hairy guy.


And although I will be sad when he moves out, I won’t miss his roommate.


  1. I love the stories and tidbits about your kids / family.
    And I totally understand why you won'tmiss his roommate, shudder,....!

  2. Oh, he's a cool one for sure Lisa! Amazing the personalities are children have. :)

  3. I Love that he doesn't feel the need to live within normal boundaries. My son is like that (skydiver, base jumper, racecar driver...right now he's in Hueco Tanks climbing boulders). You will be like me when he moves out...always relieved when you get that hello call, reassuring you that he is still o.k. Haden will be one to live his life to the fullest...& that is a very good thing. Thanks for sharing your wonderful son with us:)

  4. That is his roommate? Did I miss this along the way? Holy crap?!? I made my hubby choose between me and his ball python when we got married! And the ball python was not even venomous!

  5. Haden sounds like a great guy with a lot of heart. His choice of roommate is shocking though :-D

  6. That's Haden for you. Come on mom at least his roommate is not like the snake he had in Texas who loved visiting you :D

  7. what a great post!! what a great kid :)
    love the snow photo

  8. Isnt the roommate what protects the house from all those other scary critters?

  9. You do get some of the most amzing shots.
    Are you sure you are 1/2 camera 1/2 mother nature.
    Never a disappointment!

  10. please tell me that rattlesnake does not actually live in your house!!!

  11. Wow! I just love these posts. I love that you bring down his band but he lets you play anyway!!! And the spider photos -- Good Lord! A black widow!!! Yikes! And you are a way better mom than me to let a snake in your house ... especially that kind!! I am just freaking out at that photo! And I love the tree climbing photo too! Sounds like you got a cool kid who does some cool stuff. This was great!

  12. that's really a nice post for your kid and i believe, he'll have a full life ahead of him. One good thing, you won't be seeing his roommate anymore:)

  13. What a great post! How wonderful to have someone to photograph the icky things and come back with works of art. You are quite a fmily!

  14. Okay who took the snake photo? Long lens or not, I don't want to be that close to a pissed off pit viper! Cool shot though.

  15. Anglophile Football FanaticFebruary 16, 2009 at 4:55 AM

    Know what's funny? I saw the title and was thinking, "Oh, we'll get to see more Haden." Then, I realized...OH NOT HADEN!! He does the bugs and scary things. Too late.

  16. He defiantly has an eye for the creepy spiders! That is one thing I like to photograph but it's very hard! I'm scared of spiders! The snake shot is great too, I didn't know he had one. Has it ever gotten loose in the house? lol!

    He's such a great young man and I enjoyed meeting him very much!

  17. How did you do that first one! Dang. Love the bucket photo, woman, and of course the sweet baby snake.

  18. How fun to meet the members of your family like this one by one ... I do like the photos he takes but the roommate wouldn't last long in MY house.
    Hugs and blessings,

  19. Nice post. They grow up so fast. My oldest is going to be 18 in July. Where did the years go? I wouldn't miss that roommate either. The photo is awesome though.

  20. I couldn't come in your house because I'm petrified! Not of 17 year old boys but of their roommates! ;-)

  21. So impressed with the spider photos. I've got much improvement in that arena for sure!