Saturday, June 29, 2013

Warrior Dash 2013 - Hastings, Minnesota - Just do it!

For the last year my feet and I have struggled, it started May 2012 with a stress fracture to my right foot.  Because of that fracture I didn't get to run in the Minnesota Warrior Dash (my son took my place).  I did get to participate in Dirty Girl, Tough Mudder and various 5K's later in the summer though my feet hurt every single time.
Today I got to tackle the MN Warrior Dash.  It's held at Afton Alps ski area and much of it is uphill, the cardiovascular portion of it is tough because of that. The rest of the course was great, fun obstacles.

Last year's t-shirt and medal on the left; this year's t-shirt and medal on the right.

These feet, right here, I'm finally doing something right.  Earlier this year I broke two toes on the right foot (two different incidents), and still my feet were hurting most days.  I finally went to my doc, who verified I had recently broken two toes and told me that I have arthritis in my feet.  She recommended ice and naproxen.  

Since then I've also started taking TriFlex Sport (Glucosamine, Chondroitin and more) and increased my fish oil.  I made it through the dash without ANY foot pain, even though my fitbit One shows I logged over 10,000 steps and 74 levels (flights of stairs).  I'm so happy I think I'll do the happy dance!

Dennis's 2012 medal and MY 2013 medal/bottle opener - it's a shame I don't drink beer, lol.


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