Saturday, July 7, 2012

Frog coin purse


Have you ever seen such a thing!?!? This was once a live frog, toad, whatever. Weird!!!


  1. Back in May, Eler Beth and I saw some of these at a booth at the local Chatauqua Festival. I didn't realize at first what they were. I thought someone had been very clever with leather. I picked it up and was examining it, and at about the same time I thought, "Oh my god! This is a real frog!", Eler Beth said, "Mom, I think that's made from a real frog!" Gross!!

  2. Ewwwww. Ditto all the above comments...wrong...gross, just ain't right. But it sure makes for an intriguing photo!!

  3. i'm sorry Lisa... i, too, have to agree this is just wrong, and plain not right. how could someone do this to a defenseless creature? i understand someone eating them for nourishment but to make it a purse... not cool... i hope my comment didn't offend. that was not my intention. if it did please accept my apologies.