Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Find - Antique Glass Candy Jar

Found this old candy jar at a garage sale.  It's a vintage round glass container with 2 flat spots to sit it upright, or tilted, with a metal screw on lid.  These used to sit in candy stores, general stores - just imagine how many little hands have reached inside.  They sell for about $80 in antique stores, I did a quick search and found one on ebay for $95.  I paid $30 for the jar and a little more for all the candy to fill it, lol.


  1. Oh..I would have my hands in there all the time..I love candy. Always have, always will...and to have a jar filled like yours would be empty half the time..nice find and Ouch! they are pricey..

  2. I love this style because it is so easy to access all the goodies inside!!!

  3. umm pretty sure I got one of these at WalMart a few years ago? For like $5. Obviously, not an antique, but the same style and all...