Friday, June 22, 2012

Kitchen island


Dennis made us this awesome island for our kitchen.

Since moving into this old farmhouse we have been using a lot of steps in the kitchen.  You can see the stove over there, and the sink back there (pardon the mess I was in the middle of cooking dinner) and you can barely see the handle of the fridge, bottom left  - the tiles are 12" square and there's no counter next to the refrigerator - nooooo, it sits between two doorways - so that means to pour a drink you have to walk over by the stove.  Very inconvenient to have nowhere to sit things near the fridge.


  1. Beautiful Lisa, Dennis did an awesome job!

  2. i know i already told you i love this over at facebook but i wanted to say it again... i love it... Dennis did a real nice job. have a great weekend~

  3. This is so beautiful...I wish I had one just like it in my kitchen.