Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Butterfly Project

A few weeks back I asked for some help with my butterfly quilt.  Nearly immediately I had two people send wonderful fabrics!

My friend, Amy, sent these fabrics and I made two butterflies out of each fabric.  Aren't they wonderful?!  Especially fun to have a monarch wing print to make wings, lol.

My friend, Jan (author of many blogs, but I think you can access them all from the one linked to her name) sent these gorgeous additions.  Wouldn't mind finding a leopard winged butterfly out in the wild, lol.  I also made two from each fabric here, the little circles inside square fabric is now put together, lol.  All butterflies will have black appliquéd bodies eventually.

I have received a few other fabrics and will be posting them later.

Thank you ladies!!! :0)


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