Monday, March 29, 2010

Which road do you choose?


Have you ever noticed how the road leading the wrong way is paved and beautiful but often the right road is full of potholes and difficult to travel?

Say one day, you and your best friend are traveling the road, the right road you believe and after going down it for some time you come to an intersection.  At the intersection you don't even stop to discuss which way to go, your bff just veers off and you're pretty content as you trust his judgment in these things.  He tells you that he has spoken to the higher power and this is the path you should continue on, while you are now having to push the vehicle while he rides comfortably inside.


You continue this way for some time when suddenly he tells you that he's not so sure the higher power is even aware of what's going on.  You are surprised by this as the road has looked decent enough, although you are still pushing, there have been no hills and it's a pretty easy job.

After his confession, you begin to question, and finally you suggest that he consult the higher power but if he's not willing to do so, you say you will stop pushing long enough to consult them yourself.  You fear being cut off from the higher power, so insist communication be done right away.  Luckily, about this time there is another intersection, a detour, back to the right road, you know the one full of potholes, but the one that is where you are supposed to be.


You bumpily leave the smoothness of the wrong road and begin down the right road once more, but this time he will not let you in his car.  This time you must walk the right road alone, while he idles at the intersection.  Your bff has decided to cut you out of his life for questioning his ways, and he is doing his best to make your path even bumpier.


Have you been lead down the wrong road before?  How did things turn out once you got back on the right one?


  1. I'm not sure I have any great advice, but I hope you're doing okay. May you and your bff meet up at the correct road soon...

  2. I'm not so great on giving advice right now either...but I sure hope you are doing all right.

  3. That first picture is simply awesome, Lisa! it's a jaw-dropping shot.

  4. It is difficult when our path differs from the path of our partner or bff but you do have to be true to yourself eventually. You will never be at peace if you try to follow the lead of another down a path where you don't feel comfortable and the anticipated destination of that path might fill you with trepidation. You are an individual and ultimately you are responsible for the decisions you make for yourself so be sure you are at peace with the decision you make about which path to travel.

  5. I think deep inside yourself you know which path you should be on. You cannot live someone else's life and they cannot live yours.

    All the best, Lisa!

  6. I´m sorry your bff is making your life hard. I guess that´s why it´s so hard to stay on the right path, because of all the distractions from others who want us to follow them. I pray she can come to the realization that she is on the wrong path.

  7. You have to take the path that's yours. Hard as that is sometimes. Even if it means taking it alone. But if your bff is truly a best friend, the estrangement won't last indefinitely. Sometimes you just gotta let go and let God, ya know? (He said wondering if he'll ever learn to take his own advice!)

  8. I have been lead down the wrong road before, by someone who I trusted to take care of me and take me down the right path.

    Eventually, once I realized I was on the wrong road, I had to leave my leader behind and find my own way. Once I found the right road for me, traveling was much smoother even though the road was full of potholes.

    The thing is... the person who lead me down the wrong road... that wasn't even the wrong road, for *him*. He was exactly where he needed to be. I just chose to follow the wrong leader, and forgot to follow my own compass in times of doubt.

    The short version: trust yourself to know what is best for YOU. Perhaps your bff needs to be on a different road for a while; and that wouldn't necessarily be bad. Hang in there!

  9. I think it is always hard to change the course and pick the other road. Especially when someone else has been steering you the wrong way. It takes great strength and self-confidence - both of which I am pretty sure you have!

  10. Incredible photos, Lisa..

    I have been led down the wrong road before, and quietly followed along for nearly a decade. When the right time comes, I split, and go on my own..

    You will find the right path when it's time.

  11. Provocative post. I try to always remember that email that makes its way around the planet every couple of months... some friends come into your life for a minute, some come for a month, some come for a lifetime. I try to remember the good things that came from that friendship and treasure those memories. I hope the roads you and the bff have chosen have happy and satisfying endings.

  12. I've been down the wrong road before. Usually as a result of my own weakness, my own inability to choose my life rather than have it formed by the people around me. It's a hard habit to shake off, but it can be shaken off.

  13. I've lived on that road for a year and DAMN if they aren't actually fixing it today -- and it wasn't even an April fools joke.
    They had the big trucks and machinery going all day.
    But, you were speaking metaphorically, weren't you.

    been there, too.