Friday, March 5, 2010

Feathered Treasures


You know I love birds, right? I hope you do too, because I have tons of bird photos from our Florida trip! This Ring-billed Gull looks just like the gulls I see up in Wisconsin. But I couldn't resist him anyway.


Some sort of sandpiper - the pipers totally intrigued me. They are so small and active!


See, tiny! The gull looks like a giant compared to him! The Ring-billed stands 19" tall with a 4' wingspan.


La-ti-da-ti-da, I'm just walking along. . .


Looks like Mr Gull found a snail for a snack.


Laughing Gull was laughing, lol.


The pipers run toward the water, eating something deep in the sand and then run away from the incoming waves.  They were very fun to watch!


While I was caught up in birds, the guys were seeking treasures of a different kind.


I got temporarily distracted by things washed ashore.



But it wasn't long until the birds stole my attention once more.


Camera Critters


  1. I LOVE that third picture with the seagull in the bacground. It shows how small ( and cute) that piper really is. It looks like you had fun there, didn't you?

  2. Awesome. Absolutely awesome! I'd be collecting sea shells and snapping photos like crazy. I've only been to the ocean once, and it was just a brief visit (and it was cold).

  3. Wonderful shots of the gulls and shorebirds. I love going to the beach!

  4. Oh Lisa, I love bird photos too! Amazing shots, very clear and vivid! Am hungry for more... :)

  5. I haven't been to the beach in a long time but your pictures of the sandpiper remind me of their funny little ways.
    Great shots!

  6. Your photos are fun and enjoyable to look at. I love walking along the beach, watching seagulls and sandpipers, and everything else that comes along. The feet of these sandpipers move so fast, reminds me of a hummingbirds wings.

  7. were you near sanibel??shells and birds??

  8. I adore photos of shorebirds! The way they posture themselves gives them such a deliberate look about them. Treasures from the shoreline are only a few of my favorite things, so you know I enjoyed this post very much. Looks like you all had a great time! Happy Weekend, ks

  9. i love good bird pictures :)
    i really like seeing the detail on the crab shell....
    have a lovely weekend !

  10. Wonderful, wonderful,wonderful! I love shore birds. So much fun to watch. Shells are gorgeous! Well done! (Can't wait to see more!!!)

  11. Lovely shots! Looks like a very fun trip. The composition in these shots is just great.

  12. Boy would I like a trip to Florida right now!

  13. Beautiful shots Lisa! Still sad that I didn't know you were right here in Florida and I didn't get to see you :-(

  14. Looks like you had a really good time visiting our beautiful state!

  15. The sandpipers are so cute! Busy little things.

  16. I love sandpipers too! They are so small but so fast!

  17. Lovely shots...makes me want to take a trip to the beach!

  18. I like that shot of the piper running across the shallow water, it looks like he's actually running on water.

  19. "I'm a tidal pool explorer
    From the days of my misspent youth
    I believe that out on the beach
    Where the seagulls preach
    Is where the Chinese buried the truth..."

    I could spend hours - no DAYS - exploring the beaches in close detail. This post is like HOME for me. (which is weird because I live a couple of hours from the ocean and even further from an actual beach like this one.) Thanks!

  20. I stopped by to see your Wordless Wednesday and was magnetized by all your wonderful bird photos. I love the washed-up-on-the-beach photos, too. All your photos make me want to go stick my feet in the water!

  21. Sandpipers play an important role in my mythology. I have a really soft corner for them. And these photos of them are fabulous.