Sunday, September 13, 2009

Meeting bloggers


While in the Quad Cities last weekend I had the opportunity to break bread with Leanne and her family. It was great to finally meet in person! Leanne designed my blog and she's a great artist if you ever have need of one, check out her blog!


With all our online interaction it was like catching up with an old friend.


See, we aren't white trash after all.


This past week I also caught up with Kaytabug. We had met once before, but forgot to get a pic. This time we decided to wear our funny t-shirts. Her's reads "Not everything is flat in Kansas" and mine reads "I might be flat broke, but I'm not flat busted". Her blog is here.


Being zany,


We had to show we weren't flat, lol.

I LOVE meeting bloggers!!


  1. both your blogger friends are beautifully spirited and look to have enjoyed spending time with you. your pictures are great. it's friendships like these that get us through the day. hope all is well.

  2. Ooooh; wow. ROFL!!!
    You made me jealous. I SO hope we can meet up with you when I'm in the States!!

  3. Okay, those are way fun pictures!! Keep being a little bit crazy!

  4. I am so happy we got to hang out again. The time flew by too fast. I could spend an entire day hanging out together. I may reconsider living in WI. I had such a blast with you and Dennis!! Looking forward to doing it again!! That last one still makes me LAUGH!!!
    I wonder what kind of awesome photos we'd get if the 3 of us got together!!!!

  5. hahahaha oh gosh, wow, you all just met and you're already doing the boobie bump! :o)

  6. I haven't met any bloggers (other than the ones I already know) but it sure looks like fun!

  7. You ladies are funny! These are great. Thanks for making my night.

  8. I've always had a blast any time I've met bloggers in the 3-dimensional world. But the t-shirts? Those are a howl. And that's all I'm gonna say on the subject... because damn.

  9. Great the white trash photo especially. too funny

  10. This is just tooooooo funny! You guys are a riot! What on earth did we ever do before blogging??

  11. lol!!! So glad you got to meet more bloggy friends! Looks like you had a blast! Not to mention you are SOO TINY! I am so proud of you and all your hard work, you look fantastic!

  12. How cool that you got to meet Leanne! I hope I get to meet a blog-friend for real someday. Living in a not-major-city in the Great White North precludes me from the kind of get togethers that seem commonplace in more populous parts of the world. Still, one can always hope.

    What a cool glimpse into an amazing trip!

  13. jealous once more.

    I've seen Katabugs shirt once before.
    Hey.. what do you call people in Kansas. Kansasites or what? ha ha

  14. How fun! I'm sure I would not be nearly so fun if I met a blogger. We'll see, because I will in about a month.Maybe I should buy a t-shirt...