Thursday, September 10, 2009

Going to the Philadelphia Museum

{I'm still in Missouri - basically NO internet, short trips to Hardees to take care of business needs - just not enough time to play right now. :(  I MISS YOU guys!  I'll be home Sunday and running around trying to catch up with you!}


Walking toward the Philadelphia Museum.


So many things to see.



Each for himself, gathered up the cherished purposes of life, its aims and ambitions, its dearest affections, and flung all, with life itself, into the scale of battle.


My husband is from Honduras - this is the first time I've seen the Honduran flag.


Yet, another, nice fountain. This one sits in front of the museum.







Do you think I like puddle reflections? :0) Yep, you're right! I do!  you should have seen me trying to get myself in the proper position to attain this one!



Finally made it up all the steps and found the museum locked. It's ok though, we had limited time anyway.


We saw the Rocky statue, and I had the opportunity to snap a photo of a lady snapping a photo of a man pretending to be Rocky. Which, from what we hear, happens many times each day.


There was an exercise class going on.  Wouldn't you love to be a part of it?!


I bet these ladies have great bums!


  1. I go out of my mind when the internet isn't around! Hmmmm...think I'm addicted?? GREAT pics Lisa!!! Safe travels!!

  2. LOVE the puddle pictures!! I always look for puddles myself!! And I know sometimes you need to ben and twist into the most akward positions to get them right, but you did well!!!

  3. I've been to the Rocky statue and EVERYONE poses in that position! I did too ;0) I miss Phile...gotta get there with my kids!

  4. From all your pictures of Philly I have to say there's a lot of character surrounding the area. These pictures are great. I love those reflections in the puddles. And, that fountain is gorgeous. Hope you're having a nice trip. Have a great day.

  5. I never knew those steps from the Rocky movie were in Philadelphia! Then again I only saw it once and only Rocky I. Not a fan....
    But that was very interesting. I love your puddle shots!

  6. i love the picture of the woman taking a picture of the man doing the rocky pose!

  7. Oh, more fantastic shots. Looks like you are doing a lot of fun site seeing. I could have used some of your shots for my daughters east coast trip scrapbook. Her's weren't quite as good as yours. :)

  8. I tell ya, DC's got nothing on Philly when it comes to statuary. I'm thinking you'd have to go to Europe to find a rival. Rome maybe. Or Athens.

    The exercise students are too small for me to evaluate their buns, but based on the little I can see I wouldn't argue your point.

  9. Puddle reflections always remind me of childhood, in a very good way. They turned our Hardees into a bank. It was a favorite "escape" close enough to the high school to get a shake at lunch.

    Wonderful pictures. Have a safe trip. ~Mary

  10. nice puddle. I might have to carry some water with me in the future to try and make some of those puddle shots.

  11. What a beautiful place. That's on the list for next time. I would love to climb those stairs, though once might be enough for me!

  12. A beautiful place shown so well in these awesome photographs. Thank you for sharing them.

  13. Cool fountain, and no, I don't think I'd survive running up and down those steps. lol!!!!!!!!

  14. I love the puddle reflection one!! And wasn't that art museum great? One of my fave spots in Philly.

  15. Wonderful! O hope you went inside and had a chance to see this: