Monday, December 2, 2013

Are we lost?

We went out geocaching this weekend in some public land.  This road was a little scary.

Most of the caches were hidden like this.  Tubes in the ground, some in bushes, some not, and then blood tubes in the top of those.

Some had great views!

We left the jeep and walked to about 6 of the caches.  Can you see her back there?

How about now?

We were in the area labeled BLM PUBLIC LANDS.  Since it was beginning to get dark we decided to leave and after some exploration discovered the only way out was the way we went in.  Other areas looked like they would lead out, but they didn't.  We even got to the point of seeing a paved road, but having a locked gate between us and it. :(  That black dotted line crossing the area is supposed to be a powerline - we never found it.

Even the gps couldn't help us find our way out.  She finally shut herself off.

When we got her back on, she still was no help.

We did find our way out after much laughter.

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