Monday, October 7, 2013

What I've learned after 24 hours in the Boise area

In no particular order:

  • People here are friendlier than Wisconsin.  It was a shock when I moved to Wisconsin that no spoke as they passed, no one held a door and no one said thank you if I held the door for them.  I felt very alone.  I already don't feel lonely here as everyone chats, holds doors, etc.  I feel so happy to be seen, and not looked past!
  • Gas is higher, no surprise really.
  • WalMart has self-checkouts.  That's all I used back home so I was really worried about it, lol.
  • Food is cheaper, even eating out.
  • Rent is higher.
  • There are mountains to the left of me, mountains to the right and I enjoy seeing them standing above me.  I love watching the sun glow behind them while I wait in shadows for the light.
  • After living in Central time zone my entire life it may take a while for me to quit waking up at 4 am - I hope soon as light isn't here until 8ish.
  • I saw a watermelon honor stand - we had many self-pay, honor, places back home so am very happy to see that too. :)
  • Hewlett Packard is here.
  • Scentsy is here.
  • They have never heard of French Dressing - at least the lady at Smashburger hasn't.
  • Lots of cigarette shops and signs about vaping and vapors - label me clueless - although believe it's electric cigs they speak of.
  • While looking for a house we discovered we didn't like the looks of Nampa or Star, but did like Eagle and Meridian.
  • They've planted so many trees, even on parking lots, that it's hard to see what stores are there, lol.
  • Roses and other flowers are still blooming.
Overall, I do like it here, it is way busier than I am used to but I think I can adjust, and I miss family.

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  1. Glad you are there safely, the roses are beautiful:)