Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Is it only Tuesday?

We got to Boise, Idaho on Sunday afternoon and started driving by rentals immediately.  Regrouped that evening and drove by more the all day Monday.  Went in a few (the last two times we've moved we only went in one and took it, lol), and finally landed on a brand new build.  Today, a mere 48 hours after being here we signed the lease and got the keys.  Tomorrow our Jeep gets delivered and Thursday our Pod, busy busy.  (Sorry pictures aren't better, just iphone)
Entryway, office/bedroom (sewing room) on left and a coat closet.

Living room and kitchen - door is to pantry

This is off the garage. :)

Hallway - on left a bedroom, then utility, straight ahead master suite, and on left bathroom.

Laundry room

Main bathroom

Master bath, nice tub.

Still master bath and walk-in closet.

Back yard - fresh sod.


  1. Nice! Glad you could find something so quickly.

  2. Very pretty! I agree with Pamela :) Enjoy Idaho!!!

  3. I also agree with Pamela! Very nice!! I sure hope you love your new digs!!