Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Yarn bombing the Prius


I was looking for a small project yesterday while the snow piled up outside, so I whipped up a cozy for my gearshift, lol.


The Prius is not getting out today, so much snow and wind!


The Jeep had no trouble plowing right through it though. :) Was able to get out and get the needles I need to make a sweater.


  1. Brilliant! Stylish AND very functional. Nice work! :)
    We were away five days and got quite a bit of snow while gone. Fed Ex had delivered a very large, heavy box, and didn't attempt to go up our driveway. Instead, in the deep snow, we saw boot tracks and it appeared that someone pulled a sled up.. sure enough, led us right to the giant box hiding in our sawmill shed. :)
    We're all caught up on plowing now.

  2. Lisa...I am sosososoo proud of how fast you have caught on. Good luck with the sweaters. In the beginning my gauge was all off and they would fit a Santa Claus. I got better as time went on. I hate to think back on how many I made as my children were growing into adulthood. LOVE the bomb. You are just tooooo creative. That is/was definitely my kind of project. Hope you are OK. Am hanging on here in the mountains. The heavy, white, cold stuff is supposed to dump in here on us today. I just cannot believe we are going to have ANOTHER snow. Stay warm and keep on knitting. Are you on Ravelry, yet? Hugs....genie