Sunday, February 24, 2013

Perching Birds Scarf (double-knit)

I am sharing my pattern for the Perching Birds Double-knitted Scarf. You can find the bird chart here.

Just google double knit if you've never done it before, it's not too hard, this was my first project. The scarf will end up being about 5 1/2” wide if you use 28 stitches, as I did (you can add more stitches to each side to make it wider if you prefer) and you can adjust the length by removing some of the birds or repeating some of them. Gauge isn’t all that important on this project.

I used two different sock yarns and size US 4 straight needles. The yardage needed is about 275 yards of each of two yarns. I purchased two skeins of each of my colors. Any sock yarn will do. Make sure the colors are not too similar or the birds won’t show up very well.  I used the long tail cast on and knit bind off, but feel free to use your favorites.  Also, I knitted my beginning and end stitches when working from top down, and purled those two stitches when working from the bottom up - again feel free to do your edges as you please.  If you decide to make one, I would love to see your finished scarfs!


  1. LOVE this. Thanks so much for sharing! I adore double knitting too. Will be sure to send people here.

  2. Que lindo trabalho,lisa!1 beijos,chica

  3. I love this, and can't wait to begin knitting for my mom. Unfortunately, I'm not able to access the chart via the link provided.