Monday, February 25, 2013

Cancer Sucks!

March is Colon Cancer Awareness month and as a colon cancer survivor I like to take this opportunity to remind you to get your colonoscopy. I was 38 when I was diagnosed, and if I had not been too embarrassed to have the colonoscopy, my cancer would have been found much sooner than Stage IIIc. I had to go through surgery and chemotherapy. I was a candidate for radiation but I opted out of it.

Colon cancer is one of the slower growing cancers and often starts as a tiny polyp, if it's found while it's still a polyp it will be so much easier on you. No matter your age, if you are having any intestinal issues, I encourage you to get things checked out.


I'm sharing this pattern for a Cancer Sucks Knitted Headband. I used blue for the words, as blue ribbon represents colon cancer.



  1. Lisa, I'm so happy you are a cancer surviror. Cancer sure does suck and I have lost so many family members to it and friends..I just don't know why it is so out of control..Prayers that you stay this way the rest of your life..

  2. I agree with you on both points - cancer sucks and colonoscopies are a good idea. Like you I survived stage III colon cancer. Mine was over 15 years ago with surgery, chemo, and radiation therapy. That definitely sucked but I am still here to talk about it.

  3. I have leukemia. It is amazing how something like that changes your definition of hero and courage. The one good thing is that it teaches you the skill of touching the sunshine and how to breath in beauty like you would a smell.

  4. I agree with you too. I pray for more than a dozen friends ( younger, mostly) who are battling cancer. I pray that you continue in good health. My 2nd colonoscopy is set for May. I had polyps which were removed and it was recommended to have the next one in five years, which in May I will.