Monday, October 22, 2012

A Month of Scary Movies - part 2

  1. Creep - held our attention, not bad. . .

  2. Rosewood Lane - again, not bad

  3. Rest Stop (Dead Ahead) - for some reason I like this movie, like the 3rd time I've seen it - even though there's so much wrong with it, lol.  Husband has a good time pointing out all the wrongs and how the movie could have ended in the first few minutes if someone wasn't so stupid, lol.

  4. Rest Stop Don't Look Back - seems more pointless than the first one, like the only point is blood and more blood

  5. Mortuary - Stopped after a few minutes because we realized we had seen it before and it wasn't that great the first time

  6. Memory - Dennis Hopper, Billy Zane, Ann Margaret. . .need I say more?

  7. The Serpent and the Rainbow - Saw this one back in the 80s when it came out and a few times since, always holds my attention

  8. The Funhouse - weird, start was better than finish, lol

  9. Phantasm II - The ball has always scared the beejeebers outta me, lol.

  10. Last House on the Left - heart pounding, screaming for the good guys while they fight their way through

  11. Strangers - for some reason this one creeps me out majorly!  I think it's because the whole reason is, "because you were home"

Part 2 of the month of scary movies. 11 more left. :)  Living in this farmhouse with fields around I have to watch these when hubs is home, just can't watch them on a night when I am alone - toooooo creepy!

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  1. I'm loving these lists!! Some I haven't seen....Memory sounds great!!