Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A month of scary movies - part 1

    1. Skeleton Man - thumbs down

    2.  Wages of Sin - Better than last night's, but only so/so

    3. Live Animals - eh, think it was creepier because I watched it alone

    4. Roman - better than the first 3, but still kinda slow

    5. Boy Eats Girl - well, didn't shut it off

    6. Tamara - lots of "ew" moments, great effects

    7. The Tall Man - Totally enjoyed, not really scary, but good

    8. Drive-thru - Turned off midway through - lots of slow, boring stuff, then some blood, repeat

    9. No Tell Motel - We got into this one, maybe just because we had watched so many boring ones lately, lol.

    10. The Letter - With Winona Rider and James Franco we though it stood a chance - uh, no

You may remember we bought a stack of scary movies last month with the idea of watching one a night through the month of October.  Above you see the first 10 days of movies.  So far, not a good start.  Thankfully, we have The Shining and Halloween to liven things up soon.

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  1. Try Rear Window. An oldie but a goodie.