Thursday, September 27, 2012

Friday Find Bikes

I can't remember what Dennis handed over for this road bike, but it fit our older son and I think he's enjoying riding it around town. We did find a bike similar to this one on ebay for over $200!

I didn't even know Panasonic made bikes. :0)

This Trek kept me company while my bike got its yearly maintenance done. Pretty good lil bike. Husband thinks he'll be riding it some but I think it might be too small for him. hehehe  I think I'll be putting this on the trainer this winter. :)

Not pictured is a Giant we bought for me, but it appears that the gears are messed up on it so it will be a while before it's ready to ride. And a Trek mountain bike that has a bent back tire - other than the tire it's in great shape and it was the cheapest bike at $3, lol.


  1. Something new I never knew about you! I think you have as many bikes as we do. And as much variety, too!

  2. I used to absolutely love bike riding as a teen. We were a great team, my bike and I.