Friday, March 23, 2012

More Butterflies :0)

I have been very lax about sharing my other butterfly quilt blocks. Life has been busy and I've been having a hard time blogging. I've been a little sad as my grandchildren moved away - I miss them terribly! Husband has been trying to keep me busy and distracted from missing them but I've still lacked the motivation to do too much. The weather has been very weird, unusually warm, and pulling me outside. I had my check up with the oncologist and the xrays and blood looked good - still no recurrence. I've been feeling the urge to share more, and got tagged in a meme, so hopefully I'll find the motivation to actually build the posts. :0) How are you all?

Ida sent me a lovely swatch of checkered hearts - she must have know how I love hearts!  Thanx again Ida!  (PS, the butterflies do get appliqu├ęd bodies - I think they'll look much better then.

Karmyn sent these fun prints!  (Sorry I guess the phone wiggled a bit as I snapped)  Meow!

Judy sent these wonderful fabrics!  Sorry again for my wiggle phone - I must have been more tired than I realized when I snapped these.

Thank you SO much ladies!  I am so excited to see this whole project come together!  I have some awesome friends who have helped bring it. :)

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