Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Completing some UFOs (unfinished objects)

I found some dates on my papers amongst the quilt stuff, it was 2004 the last time I worked on my quilts.  I completed my first quilt that year, sent it off for quilting and my youngest son ran off with it when he moved out, lol.  I completed one more quilt top, and nearly completed two others.  The quilt that was completed and two others were all in plaids, the first one, nothing but blue plaids.  I just love plaids.  But I had a hard time finding any in the stores.  So I had to find shirts at rummage sales and in our own closets, lol.

I decided to start with the top that was already all put together.  Husband and I decided to just back it in flannel so we'd have a lighter weight quilt.  Here I have it draped on the table, getting ready to pin it so I can quilt it.

Pinned and about half way done quilting.

I did this one in a diagonal pattern, rather than stitching in the ditch.  I was going to do diamond shapes, diagonal one way then back the other way but we thought it looked fine after once across so I stopped there.

All the blocks to this one were done and the first three rows were sewn together.  I had to finish putting it together before I could begin pinning the quilt.  I finished this one up and gave it to my grandma for Christmas.



  1. YOU AMAZE ME, Woman!! Awesome, and I love your UFO description!!

  2. I just love quilts. I wish I could make them myself but I suspect it it beyond me. I would need a teacher to show me how.

  3. Anyone who can make quilts - especially gorgeous ones like this - is AWESOME to me ... I have tried, with mixed results!

    P.S. Your heart was featured on today's Guest Heart Thursday!

  4. I love your quilts and what a wonderful way to spend those cold winter days.