Thursday, January 26, 2012

Can you help me?


Have you ever stumbled across a project in your unfinished box that you you didn't remember starting?  When I first came across these butterflies I had totally forgotten about them.  There were some pieces cut out and I finished sewing them up.  I now have 46 butterflies.  However, to make a king sized quilt I need about 60 more.  I would like to continue with only having 1-3 butterflies out of each fabric, and fat quarters are great for this, but they've really come up in price since I started this project 6 years ago.


I have been searching the remnant areas too, but a friend suggested that I ask my friends to donate fabric swatches and turn it into a friendship quilt.  So here I am asking if you happen to have a 10" square piece of fabric you wouldn't mind mailing me to make a butterfly, I'm sure it would only cost one postage stamp to mail such a small piece.


If you'd like to help just send me an email lisa(at)lisaschaos(dot)com.  It takes a 10" square for each butterfly, 20" for two, etc.  The fabric should be cotton, cotton/poly, etc as long as it's a non-stretchy fabric we're good.  I love recycling fabrics, so pieces of old shirts, napkins, etc are welcomed.  Above, you see the fabrics I have used so far.


  1. What a great idea. I'll see if I have any swatches left. I donated a lot of scrap fabric last year, but may still have some lingering. I'll let you know. Should be a gorgeous quilt.

  2. I can help you--and I think it is a wonderful idea.

  3. interesting. I don't think I have any kind of material around here at all... but I will keep my eyes open.