Thursday, May 12, 2011

This and That


Will we ever have leaves? On the plus side, I can see the birds easier.


I often see these signs in parks and they always crack me up. It looks like people follow dogs around with shovels trying to catch the poo. What must the dogs think? They have treasures in their butt?


The Pileated Woodpecker is still bopping around the neighborhood but he never gets in a clear spot for me to get a great photo. sigh


This week I even had a pair of Scarlet Tanagers at my window feeders, they didn't eat, just sat there, I think trying to stay out of the rain for a bit.


I haven't been fishing in ages, I think I might be a little better fisherman than this person though, lol.


  1. Looks a bit grey outside over there still
    I'm happy to say that here it's green and flowering all over, as today my cherrytree :-)
    Interesting dogwaste sign, never seen showels but the photo will be a great add to my collection
    Yes, crazy as it sounds I started collecting dogsigns many years ago and I found out the major sign was forbiddig dogs to do this and that as well as warningsigns. I think I have less that 5 saying positive things about dogs.....
    so, send all crazy dog signs my way to add in my collection :-)

  2. Fun finds....I love your bird shots...but that fishing hook definitely made me smile!

  3. thanks for the chuckles. treasure out their butts... :)

  4. last week when I went out birding we didn't have any flycatchers in the area yet. Our migration is late or slow or whatever