Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fort Pulaski National Monument (Georgia)


We stopped near Savannah Georgia at Fort Pulaski National Monument and even though it was raining lightly on us we walked around a bit. Dennis and Haden crossing the moat on the drawbridge.


As I crossed the moat I paused to snap a photo - btw these were all taken with the little camera, I didn't want to drag the big one out in the rain and lug it around - we just planned on taking a quick peek.


We paused for a quick photo, I have to laugh at how the wind was making my hair fly, lol.


There was another drawbridge to cross to actually get into the fort. See the canon through the doorway?


Once I reached the door I turned around and snapped back the way we had come.


Huge, massive doors - imagine all the things they have seen in their lifetimes!


One of the soldiers' quarters. I cannot imagine having to live in this small space.


I think every "window" we encountered was actually a hole to poke a canon through.


We were allowed to go up on top and walk - each semi-circle you see would have had a weapon - only a few remain.


I found it interesting that they were so mobile, the ones below could even be pulled forward and backward, but on top you could only do the arc. They are really heavy for one person to push!


Looking down into the center of the fort.


A cool, gnarly tree near the parking lot.
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And between the parking lot and fort lies a soldier's grave.


A Turning Point in Military History

In the days before the Civil War, brick forts were America's main defense against overseas enemies. In one two-day battle during the Civil War, new technology proved its superiority to brick forts. The Union army used rifled cannons to compel a surrender by Confederates inside Fort Pulaski. No one ever built a brick fort again after the battle.

~taken from the National Park Service site


  1. Seeing war sites is always very humbling... such a sad, quietness...the past very much still there. These are wonderful photos, Lisa! :o)

  2. You both look great! Glad you got home safely.

  3. What a cool place. I really like that drawbridge shot, lots of excellent perspective. Maybe the wind scared off all the other visitors. It sure looks empty of tourists which is good for you. ;)

  4. glad you are home safely. so love when you take us along on your road trips with you.

    that gnarly tree almost looks like it has teeth...maybe even fangs...or perhaps it's just my imagination running away again.

    one love.

  5. What a beautiful place! It looks like you had a great time : )

  6. Great photos! I looooooove Savannah!

  7. Savannah is such a camera friendly area. Did you end up with tons of pictures of the spanish moss on the trees? There is something so creepy, in a good way, about it!

  8. Your pictures are wonderful. I love visiting places like this. I like to imagine what life would have been like back then. Thanks for sharing your trip with us!!

  9. My goodness, these are fabulous! The back the way we came shot is my's really stunning.

  10. I love the shot looking back over the drawbridge..... so pretty and very cool.
    What an interesting place to visit.

  11. Those pictures were awesome and the history was rally interesting. Loved it!

  12. Very cool shots..I love love love that big studded door..woah! Just love it! Spectacular fun to see!

  13. Can anything be stupider
    than that a man has the right to kill me because he lives on the other side of a river
    and his ruler has a quarrel with mine,
    I have not quarreled with him?

    ~ Blaise Pascal ~

  14. What a neat place to visit and that shot of you with your hair flying about it a hoot.

  15. These are great photos. They just ooze history. I love them! Thanks so much for sharing.


  16. Great shots of a very cool place! I like the shot with your flying hair the best ;-)

  17. I have a soft spot for Third System military architecture. It is sparse, classical, clean, sure. Even if it was outmoded before the cement dried. Thanks for the tour.

  18. I love all of those pictures! I would love to hang out at an historical place like that for a day (without kids!!) to take pictures. Lovely!

  19. That looks like crazy fun to visit Lisa! Love the wild hair shot and the tree was awesome!

  20. This reminds me a lot of Ft. Macon. An awful lot. Great shots as always Lisa.

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