Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I participated in the Christmas Ornament Swap over at Abbily Ever After again this year and Chris over at Ms Cellania sent me two magnificent ornaments!



The little propeller really spins!



My heart has a soft spot for snowmen. Both ornaments are made of metal and I absolutely love them! They were accompanied by the cutest card!


While decorating the tree, I did learn one thing to never say when your three young adult sons are in the room. I was nearly finished when I said to my husband, “Later you can hide the pickle.”


The Christmas Pickle


I promise to show you photos of baby Cole soon, he is growing so much and is simply precious! It's hard to believe that sometime this month I will be a grandma for the third time! My granddaughter is due to enter the world on Christmas Day but we think she will come early, maybe on her Uncle Mikal's birthday (Dec 16th).


  1. you have a soft spot for snowmen? Was that your lipstick that was smudging his face?

  2. Beautiful ornaments!!! And about the pickle thing.....bwahahahahahahah...lesson learned, eh??

  3. Wow, Lisa - congrats on the latest additions to your family! And great ornaments too!

  4. The ornaments are beautiful! I would love those on my tree as well. We plan on putting ours up this weekend. We have a Christmas pickle too! I can't wait for your grandbaby to be born! And yes, show some pictures of Cole for heaven's sake!

  5. Christmas pickle? I'm so behind the timez I've not heard of this previously. Yup ... it's definitely looking like Christmas at your place. Can't wait to see photos of Cole ...
    Hugs and blessings,

  6. Cute ornaments! The pickle thing is so funny ... file that under "Things That Sound Dirty...But Really Aren't" too funny!

  7. Lovely ornaments...especially the pickle;)

  8. Oh! I just LOVE those 2 ornaments!!

    "Later, you can hide the pickle." sounds so kinky!

    chanting: Cole,Cole,Cole, Cole!!!!

  9. Stephanie C ReinicheDecember 4, 2008 at 2:38 AM

    Those ornaments are great! I laughed as soon as I read the pickle story because I knew what they were going to say. :)

  10. Love your ornaments, we hide the pickle also.

  11. Okay.
    I googled it.
    At least now I know what Christmas pickles are all about!!!Widely spread in America, but practicly unknown in Germany.
    At least I don't feel so stupid anymore now that I know that! Another great tradition, I love learning about those!

    Those ornaments look great!

  12. the boys had a laughing fit over that one!!


  13. Anxious to see baby Cole Lisa! I am a snowman addict, so I love that one the best.

  14. What a wonderful gift, a new baby to welcome into the world!

  15. Great decorations there! I don't celebrate christmas , and the only trees I see are in the shopping malls. I love looking at them.

  16. Love the ornaments! Thanks so much for participating in the swap!

  17. I'm so glad that you liked the ornaments :)

  18. Those ornaments are great! I bought a pickle last year. Glad my boys aren't old enough for that trash talk yet! hahaah

  19. I like snow people too and decorate for winter so they last until March. Funny pickle story. Boys really don't grow up. December 16th is my brothers birthday, and Emma's from A Question of Sanity and she doesn't live far from here either. Which reminds me we are going for a blogger supper on the 17th (you are welcome to join;-)) so I might just have to get her a card or something.

  20. I burst out laughing about the pickle - but not just because it was funny... because I had never know of this tradition until my lawyer-boss (the one in Ohio I still work for even though I'm in Missouri) told me about it!

  21. Bad Bad Bad Bad me!!!! I haven't been over in forever!!!! Bad Bad Bad me!!!!!

    I love your ornaments!!! Love them!!!! =)

    I'm like you...I really like snowmen!!!

    I'm going to TRY and do a post today on our tree! Our first tree in "OUR" house!!!! That has such a nice ring to it!!!!

    I've missed you Lisa!!!!