Thursday, May 23, 2013

Changing Things Up

Important:  I will mostly be posting on Always in Stitches now.  Sharing Quilting, Knitting, etc.  But also my ramblings.  Less often I will be posting on The Trashy Turtle - it will be chronicling our experience building an earthship, we have just made an offer on a piece of land.

I started my blog March 2005 - the day we closed on a construction loan and broke ground. It was a place to share the house building process with our far away family. When I was diagnosed with cancer two weeks after moving into that house it was a place I ranted and cried through surgeries and chemo. My greatest support (outside of my husband) was the people I met through my blog - long before facebook. We went from a chaotic house with 5 teenagers to an empty nest through these years. We got our first, second, third, fourth and fifth grandchildren through these years. My blog helped find my husband's oldest daughter. It helped celebrate 5 years cancer-free, living longer than I "should" have.  But I've been winding it down and this blog is almost done. Lisa's Chaos, will be no more.

Facebook has changed the blogosphere.  I know I'm not alone in that feeling.  I miss the old days.  But just like real life, internet communication is always changing.  I don't blog near like I used to, but I update my facebook page pretty much every day.  I would be happy to have you as a facebook friend.

Thank you SO much for always being here for me!  Hope to continue to chat with you on facebook or either/both of the new blogs.


  1. I've seen the "trend", too. I'm FB friends with a lot of former bloggers and I'm glad I have a way to stay in touch. I think your Macro Monday followers will be hugely disappointed, but one of them may pick up the meme. Looking forward to seeing you on FB.

  2. Lisa, I'm so glad I got to "meet" you and travel part of your journey with you. I've seen the Facebook (and Twitter) changes coming for a while now, and I hate to see everything go in those directions, but as you say, things do change. Continually.

    I think we're already friends on FB, but I don't get the opportunity to get on there often (and as a result have to climb unfathomable obstacles when I do try to log on), so I might not be a frequent visitor there. But I congratulate you once again on 5 BIG years, and I hope to see you on your other blogs!

  3. Well, I'm sorry to see another good blog go down, but I thank you, and wish you every success and joy.

  4. I didn't realize this was a wide spread trend, just thought my daughters were getting too busy to post on their blogs (hmm). In fact I heard yesterday, that the popularity of FB is going down. Kids are leaving and using Twitter and Instagram instead. I still like the blog better then the FB world...maybe it's my age?! Anyway, I have really enjoyed your Macro Mondays and hope someone picks up this meme. If any one is interested, there is a great group called "Macro Monday" on Flickr you might want to join (here's the link ). Wishing you ALL good things!

  5. So sorry to see your blog and this meme end. Thanks so much for hosting Macro Monday. I am not a fan of FB, must be my age. LOL. Is anyone taking over your Macro Monday meme? I might be interested in doing so. I haven't hosted one before, but I could give it a go.


  6. I honored to have participated with you and so many other talented people. With memes, you tend to build a complex relationship with other people who share your passion.

    As far a SN, I much prefer Google+, FB seems to be a few of the more outspoken member of my HS graduating class passing along the old internet hoaxes of the '90's.

  7. Thank you lisa for sharing your life with us and for making it possible to meet so many wonderful people through Macro Monday. May you know many more blessings as you journey through life with your beloveds.

    gentle steps,

  8. Hi there - just want to say thanks for hosting MM - I know that its a little bit more time consuming than some people know!

    Thanks again.

    Stewart M - Melbourne