Thursday, August 9, 2012

My Survivor Tattoo is growing

With moving and, well just life, I'm a little late adding to my survivor tattoo. I should have added butterfly #6 in May, but better late than never, lol.  For those of you who are new, or may have forgotten, the chinese symbol means "to live" or "to survive", then I'm adding a butterfly each year.

Butterfly #5 has a 5 in it (Thanx again Leeanne for designing it!), it's also bigger than the rest because I was given about a 20% chance of living to see that butterfly, so I really celebrated, lol.  However #5 seemed to be out there dangling alone, so we took care of that this year.   We added a lazy path which I think really helps him connect more.  I have the path made out of semicolons ; because I'm a semicolon, lol. :)

I decided to turn my survivor tattoo into a travel bug on so we added the tracking code for that.

Tada - butterfly #6, pooping out star #9 - the stars represent how many years Dennis and I have been married. :)  This butterfly is back to the smaller size - he's a smidge bigger than my pinkie nail.  They all look a little messy right now, they're really fresh. :)


  1. That is soooo awesome!! I love it.

  2. I've been reading you since you got the tat. It is awesome & can't wait to see your whole arm filled with butterflies!

  3. I'm not a big tattoo fan - but knowing that you have yours for a great reason, I think they are awesome!!!!

  4. Congratulations on another year.

  5. Good for you. The tattoo is a cool idea. I would have to play catch-up to do that since my surgery date is November 1998. I wasn't supposed to be here either.