Friday, May 25, 2012

Neighborhood Entertainment


Who knew the speed checker thing-a-ma-job could be so entertaining! I was surprised to find it parked across the street from our house a few days ago, really does seem outta place, but whatev'. From the stop sign, to our driveway we make it to 20, maybe 21 mph. Who knew?!

I have had the pleasure of watching kids drop their backpacks and run as fast as they can, a person pushing a wheelchair push a little faster, a boy bounce a basketball while his friends egged him on and a couple of teen girls chat about it while looking it over reeeeal good, lol.

Even my husband has taken to trying to sneak up on it, we crept from the stop sign at a snail's pace to not trigger it, which I know means we were going less that 6 mph - how do I know this? Well yesterday he tried a few times and always ended up triggering it.

I suggest you beg for one in your neighborhood, then grab a chair and sit and watch.


  1. too funny--my daughter and her friends did that while she was away at college. I agree, it would be entertaining to watch.

  2. LOL, fun :) So how fast can you run?

  3. That is so funny. We really need one in our neighborhood. We'd have a blast!